Sarcasm is the soul of wit.

23 February 1974
I am a totally blind chick living in Oklahoma City with my Guide Dog, Cinnabar and a pointer mix named Horatio. I waste most of my time reading, watching sports or tinkering with random geeky things. I enjoy rowing, tandem cycling, listening to music, going to concerts, traveling and being a smart ass. I am also an active member of the National Federation of the Blind and am currently the Vice President of the Central Oklahoma Chapter.

This journal started out as a website sometime in 2000 but I don't remember an exact launch date. I have entries dating back to May of 2002. There were more but they were lost because I'm an idiot. I started writing on the web basically because I needed a distraction from my depression after losing the vision in my left eye due to a retina detachment. It was a rough time for me, and although I never talked about it on the site, learning html and building my site gave me something to concentrate on and helped me to get over my post vision loss moping phase. The site at first was just a place for me to bitch about things that pissed me off, but it matured and soon became more journal like. The site had a few other features but it basically ended up being a journal so for ease of maintenance, and because I barely knew what I was doing with html, I moved to livejournal in February of 2005.

In February of 2006, I lost my right eye (another retina detachment) and became totally blind. Once again I used my journal to help me deal with it. Check my archives starting in December 2005 to get the whole story. I shared a lot of my thoughts and feelings about becoming blind. As I wrote it, I thought it seemed whiny and annoying, but it made me feel better to write about it and people seem to find it interesting.

Thanks largely to my involvement with the National Federation of the Blind, I have made it through the worst part of the transition into blindness. Being blind is frequently frustrating and inconvenient but in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. Worse things can happen and I've learned that with the right attitude and a little creativity, there's not a whole hell of a lot that I can't do.

So, that's me in a nut shell. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my ramblings.