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Wed, Feb. 29th, 2012, 07:51 pm
I'm Lazy. Make Up Your Own Title.

I simply cannot allow the month of February to pass without making an appearance here on the bloggy blog of blogginess. It is the month of Audrey after
all. Good thing there was an extra day in the month to accommodate my procrastination. Leap year rocks! Anyway, I’m sure you have all been too busy throwing
parades and planning massive celebrations in honor of the anniversary of my birth to notice that I haven’t written in awhile. So glad you didn’t miss me. 

I really have nothing major to share. I’ve been doing rowing stuff (big surprise). Most of the winter has been spent indoors on the erg and in the weight
room, but I have managed to take advantage of this unseasonable warm winter to sneak out on the water several times. Thanks global warming! One of my rowing
buddies, who is an all around fitness guru, has been helping me  lift weights   all winter. I am slowly but surely getting a little stronger.
It's been fun to track my progress. I still feel like a huge wimp, but I'm stronger than I was when I started so that's something. Go me! 

I did the indoor rowing challenge thingy at the Bart and Nadia Sports Festival again this year. The Vipers did the corporate competition where we once again came in third. Our time was much faster than last year, but we were in the open category instead of mixed so we had tougher competition. The race wasn’t
as exciting as last year, but we got it done. After that, I did the individual 2k. I was in the women's masters category and rumor has it that I came
in second. I never saw official results but whatever. I missed my personal best time by 2 tenths of a second. I would much rather have had the PR than
the medal. I just didn’t have the leg for it. Doing the corporate competition with the Vipers took too much out of me. That 2k was without a doubt the
most pain I have ever been in on an erg. I could tell I was in trouble 1000 meters in. I was out of gas and couldn't stick to my race plan. My splits fell off and I had to gut it out just to finish. It was torture. Considering how awful I
felt, it’s really impressive that I got as close as I did to my PR. At least I know I gave it everything I had. 2 of my friends had to carry me off the
stage because I couldn’t make my legs work. When they let go, I just collapsed on the floor. It took several minutes to get to where I could stand again. It makes me so mad when I see people do a 2k and then just walk away like nothing happened. Am I just a wuss or do I just not have the sense to back off? I feel like such a dork having to get carried off the erg. Anyway, my time was about 20 seconds faster than last year. I wish I hadn't done the corporate race first because I'm pretty sure I could've gotten under 8:30 like I really wanted to do. I'm going to do a 2k test on my own pretty soon and see if I can get it. I know I can PR, but under 8:30 is a big goal for me. Hopefully next year, I can get close to a sub 8. That would be so cool.

My birthday was pretty sweet. I went to the Thunder vs Lakers game with my Dad. It was an awesome game and we had a lot of fun. I went to the Celtics game the night before my birthday as well. That was pretty awesome getting to go to both of those games, even if I had to miss some rowing practice to do it.

I really have nothing else too earth shattering to talk about so I suppose I'll wrap this up. On a completely random note, I just read on Twitter that Leonard Nimoy is making an appearance on The Big Bang Theory. This random bit of news made me squee! I love Sheldon. I love Spock. And Sheldon loves Spock even more than I do. This meeting just needs to happen. I am giddy. I have never been happier for a TV Character. I haven't read any stories to find out when it's going to air, but I can't wait. I might actually skip rowing practice to watch it. Well, that's a little extreme. I mean I do have a DVR after all. But still, it's tempting because I am just that much of a nerd.

Ok, I'm shutting up now. Toodles!