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Thu, Jun. 30th, 2011, 02:06 pm
Win an iPad 2!

Hello friends and family!

Yes, I am begging again. My apologies. I know you all get hit up for
stuff all the time and I hate asking as much as you hate moochers
trying to get at your hard earned cash. I wouldn't be bothering
everyone if this weren't such an important cause to me. So, please
bear with me and help if you can. I'll be back with normal,
non-begging content soon.

I am currently involved in 2 fundraising activities for the National
Federation of the Blind, which is an organization that has influenced
me in so many positive ways. Every year, the NFB asks for donations in
support of its Imagination Fund campaign. Half of the funds raised
through this program are used to maintain the national operations of
the NFB at their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The other half
goes back to State Affiliates and local Chapters to support various
programs and initiatives on the local level. My chapter, the Central
Oklahoma Chapter located in Edmond, Oklahoma, has used money from this
fund to sponsor a free Braille class for anyone who is willing and
ready to learn. One of our students is a very bright young man who is
in a public school system that refuses to teach him Braille because he
has some vision. Never mind that he needs the print to be gigantic and
hold the paper to his nose in order to read it. That's good enough for
the school, but we believe it is not good enough for the student.
Thanks to the efforts of the NFB, we are helping a child get the
skills he will need to be competitive with his sighted peers. This is
just one of many ways the Imagination Fund gets put to use. The
Imagination Fund money is used for all kinds of creative purposes all
for the benefit of improving the lives of blind people everywhere.

To help support this campaign, the Oklahoma Affiliate of the NFB is
selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a brand new 64GB iPad 2
with wi-fi. Tickets are $5 or 5 for $20. All the proceeds from ticket
sales will be donated directly to the imagination fund. To buy
tickets, you can send me an email to atfarnum@gmail.com in order to
reserve your tickets and make payment arrangements. I can accept
Paypal payments to that address as well. If you order tickets through
Paypal, please make a note in the comments section including the
number of tickets you wish to purchase, your name, address and phone
number. The drawing will take place at the end of July and you will be
notified if you are the winner.

If you don't want to mess with all of that, you can also make
donations to the Imagination Fund on my behalf by visiting my personal
donation page located at
http://www.raceforindependence.org/goto/audreyfarnum and click on the
donation link. All transactions are secure and tax deductible. Please
note, if you donate on this page, you are not buying raffle tickets.
These are 2 different fundraising efforts. The money goes to the same
place either way, but to get raffle tickets, you'll need to contact me
personally through email or Paypal.

I really hope that isn't ultra confusing. In any event, thank you for
reading. Every little bit of support helps. You can only spare $5?
Great. Got more? That's great too. And if it's just not a good time, I
understand. I appreciate any and all support I can get. Thanks, and
have a great day.