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Tue, May. 3rd, 2011, 02:13 pm
Running on Fumes

I can't promise that this will be coherent because I'm friggin'
exhausted, but I've got so much crap to talk about that I feel
compelled to give it a go. The reason for my exhaustion is that I went
to see Flogging Molly last night. Yes... again... They played in Tulsa
at the Cain's Ballroom. I thought this was an odd bit of scheduling
since they were just in OKC about 6 weeks ago but it worked out well
for me so woo for odd scheduling! Plus, Cain's is my favorite concert
venue in Oklahoma. It's a cool place with tons of history and
everything sounds great. The parents didn't want to go again, so I
went up to Tulsa with a friend. The show was great. It was basically
the exact same show they did in OKC only it was on a high quality
sound system so it sounded about a hundred times better. It was
totally worth the trip and the 3.5 hours sleep I'm running on at the
moment. The OKC show was slightly dissatisfying because the sound
quality was so bad. I felt a little cheated but after last night, I'm
all better. If you are keeping count, that was my 6th Flogging Molly
concert and still... Best! Concert! EVER!!! I love those bastards!!!

In other exciting news, I am now an official member of the Chesapeake
Boathouse and have joined the Novice Masters coached rowing program. I
have been rowing with the masters for a few weeks now and all is well.
I was worried about dragging the boat down with suckage, but as usual,
I was freaking out about nothing. I feel kind of out of place and
awkward when we're carrying boats and oars to and from the water, but
on the water, my blindness isn't an issue at all and I feel completely
comfortable and competent given my experience. I make mistakes, but
it's the stuff novice rowers are supposed to screw up so it's all
good. The other rowers in the program have been totally supportive and
have even been helping me out with rides. It's great and I'm learning
lots of stuff too. I'm very excited about learning more and getting
better. I'm still rowing with the Vipers too so needless to say, I'm
at the boathouse a lot these days. I'm loving every minute of it, of

OK, major announcement. I'm finally moving out of the parents house!
No more being a 37 year old loser living with Mom and Dad! I'm buying
a totally awesome place that's in a great location for me and will
allow me and Cinnabar to get out and do a lot more independent travel.
I'm totally jacked and can't wait to move in. Still working out
details and getting stuff situated but I'll be on my own again in no

In all seriousness, I actually didn't mind living with the parents at
all. We have a great relationship and it has really been more like
crashing with friends. It was also fortuitous that I was there to help
out as we all went through some tough times together. I really
appreciate all the help and support they've given me as I've been
going through this phase of my life. I couldn't ask for better
parents. You guys rock! Thanks for allowing me to mooch for 2 years.
Love you guys.

And finally, I went to the NFB state convention this weekend. We had
elections and I am now the Secretary of the State Affiliate in
addition to remaining the Vice President of my chapter. I'm a little
concerned about where I'm going to find the time to keep up with my
NFB duties and rowing and everything else, but I'm excited and look
forward to helping the NFB get stronger in Oklahoma. I have lots of
cool ideas and the newly elected board is full of smart, enthusiastic
people so I'm expecting us to be able to do some awesome things.

That's it. Too much excitement going on at the moment. I'll catch
y'all later. Thunder Up!