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Sun, Apr. 3rd, 2011, 12:02 pm
My tweets

  • Sat, 12:48: On the way to rowing practice. Stuck at a train crossing. This stupid train is going to make me late. Grrr.
  • Sat, 12:50: Hey! There's the end of the train. Sweet. I'll make it just in time.
  • Sat, 15:12: Just had 1st rowing practice of the season. Felt good to be back in a boat. I was in stroke seat. It was fun.
  • Sun, 01:31: Bought some new earbuds since I broke yet another pair - 3 months. Anyway, I'm up way too late listening to tunes & loving the new buds.
  • Sun, 06:20: My dog wakes me up every day for breakfast within the same 3 minute window. Always between 5:55 & 5:58. How does he do that? Alarm dog. SMH.