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Thu, Sep. 16th, 2004, 11:58 am

I think this update is going to suck. I just don't feel like I have a good one in me. I don't know. We'll see.

I can't really think of anything I've been doing. I went to the fair, but it was pretty uneventful. It was fun, but I don't really have any good stories to tell. I ate a lot. Dad lusted after the gigantic tits on a pig that was nursing. Entertaining yes, but this is about the third year in a row that he's done that and it has lost it's shock value. As a bonus, Dad also saw some big pig nads, so yay for him I guess.

I went to Tulsa last weekend for TU's home opener vs. Navy. I was really looking forward to this game. I expected a TU win or at least a close game. Sadly, TU played awful. I don't know what's happening. I wasn't expecting another great year like last season. I just wanted respectability. The ass-kicking by Navy (29-0) was a total surprise. I could've handled that back in the day when I expected winless seasons. But now, after the success of last year, seeing TU play so bad was just agonizing. It's too depressing to discuss.

I've been shopping around a lot lately for a new pair of tennis shoes. I loved my old ones, (New Balance trail running shoes - very comfy) but they were just worn out. I looked everywhere but just couldn't find anything I like. I've reached the point where I hate going to shoe stores where I have to be assisted by a salesperson because they keep all the stock in back. I'd rather go to somewhere like Academy or Shoe Carnival where their stock is on shelves and I can just help myself. But I was having zero luck and finally forced myself to go into a Lady Foot Locker. So finally after being ignored for about 5 -10 minutes this annoying little blonde girl asked me if I needed help. I said, "Well, I'm not seeing anything that jumps out at me. The colors on shoes right now are just ugly." I say this because I'm noticing that the large majority of womens' athletic shoes either have pink, light blue or light yellow on them. I hate pink, and I'm just generally not a fan of pastels. I don't know why I must have pastels shoved down my throat simply because I'm a woman, but whatever. And for some reason, the only non-pastel shoes are red. I have issues about red shoes as well, so that's out too. (Wow, I'm kind of picky.) Anyway, Annoying Blonde Girl's brilliant reply is "Yeah, I've had a lot of older ladies complaining about all the bright colors". What? Since when did 30 qualify me as an "older lady" WTF? Needless to say, I did not purchase any shoes from Miss Bitchy McSnotNose. Grrr. So that incident officially ended my attempts to buy shoes form a store and it was Zappos.com to the rescue. I may have mentioned it before, but I love that site. They have a huge selection of shoes, great prices, and free shipping. I've ordered from them twice now and both times they upgraded me to faster shipping for free. The first time, I got free overnight shipping. This time, I got free 2 day shipping. It's so awesome. Anyway, I got a new pair of New Balance trail running shoes. They're just as comfy as the old ones yet not quite as cool looking. At least I got a smokin' deal. Yay me!

OK, I try not to ramble about TV shows in my updates, but last night's Apprentice really sucked. All the female candidates are just vile, mean, bitches and they make me ashamed to have a vagina. They are a shining example of why women struggle to succeed in upper management. These chicks are just catty, indecisive and so, SO bitchy. There was one girl on the team (Stacie) that didn't fit into the clique and none of the other sorority types liked her. Now granted Stacie acted a little odd in week 1, but other than letting her nervousness show and making an awkward attempt to lighten the mood, she did nothing wrong. Since that incident she seemed to keep to herself and not screw up too bad. But the sorority girls have been out to get her since her week 1 antics. They dragged her to the boardroom undeservedly in week 2 and tried to place blame on her for minor screw ups that really had nothing to do with the team's failure. Again this week, after royally screwing up a task by going over budget, the girls ended up in the boardroom. So of course, the three most responsible for the screw up blame it on the Stacie and the other sheep followed their lead. They managed to distract Trump from the real reason for failure by telling seriously exaggerated tales about how Stacie acted crazy in week 1 and they're all afraid of her. These bitches were totally in "Let's cover our ass and use the girl we don't like as a scapegoat" mode. It was so obvious. Yet for some reason, Trump bought into their BS and fired Stacie because of her minor breakdown in a task 2 WEEKS AGO!!! His justification - he can't risk having a loose canon in his company. Whatever, jackass. I liked this show a lot better when the people were getting fired for legitimate screw ups in current tasks. So far this season, the firings seem to be more about Trump showing off for the cameras and trying to create drama. Well, Donald. There's a reason your ratings are down this year. The drama was more real and thus more entertaining when the firings actually made sense. I am also very bothered by the fact that the sorority girls just happened to not get along with the only black girl on the show. There was no blatant racism, but that whole situation just felt wrong. I am so disappointed that Trump bought into that mob mentality attack that the women used. What a dick. This show is dead to me now.

Well, I'm ranting about bad TV, so that's a good indication that this update has entered suck mode and I need to shut up. Randy and I are going to Dallas this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary. I can't believe it's already been a year. I'm very happy that we had such an awesome first year together. We're going to a Rangers game Monday night so we can be at a ballpark on our anniversary. I can't wait. I'm also very happy that our anniversary happens to coincide with a very exciting A.L. West pennant race and an oh so important game vs. the Angels. Woo hoo! Later.