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February 1st, 2013

03:16 pm
Rambling Rant of Rantiness

Warning: The following is a rambling rant of rantiness from a pissed off blind woman who is using her blog as an outlet for her rage because homicide is illegal and she doesn't think prison sounds very cool...

Okay, ladies. It's time to get real about taking a dump in public. Here's a newsflash for you. Everybody craps and it all stinks. Get! Over ! It!!! So, to the women in my office building who stock the restroom with toxic, lung searing, air freshener and use half the can every time they drop a turd, just stop it! My lungs can't take it anymore. I would much rather smell the completely natural stench of human feces than go into convulsive coughing fits caused by some obnoxious air freshener spraying drama queen who can't deal with dropping a bomb in public. If you are so prim and delicate that you can't bear having complete strangers know that your princess ass produces smelly poop, then give a curtesy flush and get on with your life. Stop trying to poison me with some chemical death spray in a can. My lungs and I thank you.

That is all. You may now get back to whatever it is you do when not reading angry blog posts. Although my lungs are still burning from my unpleasant bathroom encounter, the urge to beat someone to death with a can of air freshener has passed. Good for me. I'm feeling very pleased with myself for resisting temptation.