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June 28th, 2009

08:03 pm

Dude! Today was such an awesome day! First, Dad and I got up and took a 70 mile ride. It was a good ride even though we got rained on for the first 10 or 15 miles. By the time it quit raining, I was soaked. It was pretty miserable. It was in the low 70's, which I generally consider to be an excellent temperature for a bike ride , but I was drenched and the sun wasn't out yet; therefore, I was freezing my ass off. Luckily, Dad had a dry shirt in the car so we stopped and I got to change, which was enough to stop my shivering. I wish I'd had some dry socks, but I can't complain since Dad sacrificed his dry shirt for me. (Thanks, Dad. You're the man.) I just don't deal with being cold very well anymore. I used to never get cold. Now it seems like I am constantly freezing. It must be all the layers of fat that I have shed. I am less insulated now. Anyway, from now on, I'll be keeping a dry shirt and socks in the car just in case. Live and learn. After the rain, everything went smooth. We cruised to 70 miles with no problems. We're total bad-asses! My legs feel a little tired, but I am sure I'll be as good as new by tomorrow. 70 is nothing. Bring on 80!

After the ride, I went home, got cleaned up, wolfed down some lunch then waited for a GDB instructor to come by for a follow up visit with Cinnabar. The school sends someone out once a year or so just to check on their dogs and make sure they are being cared for. I was really nervous about the visit. When GDB was in town last year, I was out of town so I didn't get a visit. This was my first follow up visit since I brought Cinnabar home almost 2 years ago. They would've come out sooner if I had been having any problems, but things have been pretty smooth and the little things that have come up have been easy enough for me to handle on my own. I have been told by many people that the follow up visit is no big deal and totally painless, but I am a worrier by nature so since the process was new to me, I got myself a little puckered up over it. As it turned out, it really was no big deal. Cinnabar must have known we were being checked out because she was on fire . She was absolutely perfect. We totally rocked and as usual, I was puckered up for no good reason. I really need to figure out how to not get myself so worked up.

Cinnabar only has one issue that I felt like I might need help with, so I told the instructor about it. Basically, Cinnabar thinks she's British. When we are in a mall or casino or some indoor place with wide walkways, Cinnabar insists on walking as far left as possible. This is great when we are doing sidewalkless travel and need to hug the left curb of the street. But indoors, it is really annoying to walk against the grain of foot traffic. I have been working on this problem some on my own and it has gotten better, but since I had the luxury of a dog trainer on my doorstep, I thought it would be a good idea to get some input. We ended up going to a mall to see if we could get Cinnabar to pull me to the left. Of course, she wouldn't do it. There were a couple of times when she was tempted to pull over to the left and she looked longingly in that direction, but ultimately, she held her line like a good little American dog. I was stunned. I can't believe I couldn't get her to screw up once. It was pretty hilarious. The instructor said we looked great and she really liked how I handled Cinnabar. I explained what I had been doing to work on Cinnabar's British walking and she said I was handling the problem perfectly. She told me that this was an area where persistence on my part would eventually fix the problem. It was a great visit. Things really couldn't have gone better. It was also a good confidence booster right before The Bar and I head off to Detroit together this Friday. We are totally going to kick ass! Woo!

After my awesome GDB visit, I spent the rest of the day chillin' by the pool. Cinnabar and Horatio had a good swim and wore themselves out. Now I am just finishing up my laundry so I can go to bed. I've been up since 4:45 and after 70 miles, the GDB visit and too much sun, I am exhausted. I will be going to bed early tonight. Well, that's the plan anyway. I seem to make plans to go to bed early only to get distracted by something and end up staying up way too late. I can always sleep at work instead. (Ha! that's a joke. I never sleep at work. I am a good, productive employee. Please don't fire me.)