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June 2nd, 2009

10:02 pm
Is That a Real Dog?

I have been reprimanded by several readers for my lack of a new post on AudreysAudities.com. (and by several, I of course mean 2. Yes, I'm quite popular.) While I have made numerous attempts to write something, I find that I am suffering through a bit of verbal constipation. I have plenty to discuss but just can't get it out in a satisfying manner. So, while I sort out my issues, you'll just have to continue to be patient. But since I don't want to leave you totally empty handed, I will share one amusing anecdote before I disappear in order to subject myself to much self-analysis in an attempt to get my verbal groove back.

I recently went to Target with the parents to look for pool furniture. Cinnabar and I were cruising through the store when I was suddenly asked the dumbest question ever about my guide dog. A kid asked me "Is that a real dog?" Now, I realize I should cut this dude some slack because he was a kid. But he was 10 or older and in my opinion, he was old enough to distinguish real dogs from toy, robots or any other kind of immitation dog. So, I feel zero guilt about laughing my ass off instead of seriously answering his question. In case you were wondering, the previous dumbest question ever asked about my guide dog was, "Does that dog live with you?" Believe it or not, I've heard that one twice and both times, it was an adult. Really, do these people think I just go to the guide dog rental store every morning and pick up a dog? I don't handle these really dumb questions very well. It's really hard not to laugh in peoples' faces when I get asked this crazy stuff.

So, there you go. One amusing anecdote. Well, it was amusing when it happened. It may not be as amusing in anecdote form. Whatever. It's all I've got.