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April 7th, 2009

09:38 pm
Woo for Wireless!

Hey, y'all. I'm watching the end of the Thunder game. We're losing to San Antonio by 10 with 1:49 to go. I'm guessing it's safe to call it a loss, but we'll see. Anyway, thanks to the awesomeness that is wireless internet access, I can sit on my couch, and watch the Thunder while surfing the net on my Pac-Mate. That is so cool. I realize this is not new technology, but I just got the wireless access a couple of weeks ago, so it's still new and exciting to me. I waste so much more time on the internet now because I can watch TV and play on the net at the same time. I enjoy multi-tasking. Anyway, on with the update...

Dad and I rode in our first organized bike ride on the tandem last weekend. Dad has done lots of rides on his own and I even did one when I was a kid, but this was our first one on the beast. We rode the 33 mile tour in the Redbud Classic. We were kind of worried going in because there are some hills on the course and we haven't done much training on hills. But, as it turned out, we managed just fine. We figured out a cool system where we take turns kicking in on hills. We are both pedaling the whole time up the hill, but we alternate turns where we're really attacking the hill and pedaling hard. It was really helpful, especially to me since I am not as strong as Dad. I can do pretty good with short bursts up a hill but it's hard to sustain the power over an entire hill. Being able to back off some while Dad took the lead helped me keep my legs strong for the whole 33 miles. We both felt great after the race. I believe I could have easily finished the 52 mile tour, but it was wise for us to start small just in case. I wasn't really bothered by being surrounded by other bikes either. I was concerned that all the noise of other riders around us might be disorienting or freak me out a little. But, it was nothing. Bikes are like cars in that they sound closer than they actually are, but I compensated for it very quickly and wasn't uncomfortable at all. Of course, it helps that I trust Dad as much as I do. If we ever end up in a wreck, I can guarantee that it will be because some dumbass around us did something stupid. Dad is the man at keeping us out of trouble.

So, was that the worst NCAA Championship game ever? It's the most boring one I can remember. What a blowout. I feel bad for Michigan State. I kind of like Tom Izzo for some reason so I was pulling for the Spartans. Unfortunately, they were never in it. Too bad. I really can't stand North Carolina. I just can't take any sports' team seriously when they are wearing baby blue. What an awful color for a uniform. I can't understand why it's so popular. For instance, everyone seems to love the San Diego Chargers baby blues. But, I just think they're silly. Grown men should not be wearing baby blue. It's ridiculous. I really have nothing wrong with the color in general. I just don't think it belongs in sports. It's the same with teal and to a lesser extent, purple. I love purple. It's my favorite color, but generally, it doesn't do much for me on a uniform. I do like it paired with gold where purple is the secondary color, but that's really about it.

I am totally addicted to twitter. If I know you and you don't have a Twitter account, please get one even if the only thing you do is follow me. Wait. What am I saying? I don't even care if I know you. I just greedily want more followers. You don't have to update at all. I will be perfectly happy to watch my number of followers increase and require nothing more to keep me entertained. You can follow me here. I am just fascinated by the pointlessness of it all. It's just good, time-wasting fun.

So it's official. the Thunder lost. At least they didn't get blown out as bad as they did in their last 2 games. I guess I'll get this posted and go to bed. Later.