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February 27th, 2008

04:54 pm

I meant to post this yesterday. Go to this link and click on the link for the video entitled "Campus Life". This video was filmed while I was at Guide Dogs for the Blind and they used a bit of the interview I gave while I was there. I'm usually not too happy with the way I sound in interviews, but I was in the zone for this one. I had just returned to the lounge after a great workout with Cinnabar and I was flying high when the public relations chick cornered me and asked for an interview. So, if you're wondering why I'm so uncharacteristically perky in the video, there's your answer. I am also extremely proud of the fact that I am wearing my Duff Beer hat during the interview. I was wondering if the quality of my words would outweigh the fact that I was wearing an ad for fictional beer on my head. Personally, I always feel smarter in that hat for some reason, so I am sure that the hat is responsible for my coherent statements. That hat is bitchin'. Enjoy!