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August 16th, 2007

05:33 pm

Life with Cinnabar just keeps getting better. Today, they drove us to a location about 5 blocks from the downtown lounge. The instructors told us the route back to the lounge, but instead of walking right with us, they spread out and positioned themselves at street corners to keep an eye on us from a distance. They didn’t interfere unless there was trouble. So, this was the first walk where Cinnabar and I were basically on our own. I was really nervous for some reason, but once Cinnabar and I got moving, I settled down. I grew more confident with every step. Cinnabar was rocking her A game on the route. She nailed the route. She hit all the curbs perfectly and we didn’t have to rework any errors. Our only mishap was when I accidentally stepped on her back foot during a turn. I got her pretty good and she jumped out of the way. I stopped and gave her lots of love to settle her down and let her know that she did the right thing. She forgave me right away and we got back on our way. We made it to the lounge without having to get any help along the way. It totally rocked. I was flying high when I got back to the lounge. It was so incredible to make my way through in a strange town, on a new route and succeed. It was a total team effort. Cinnabar and I are really starting to gel. It’s the most amazing thing I have ever done.

After we got back to the lounge, I was asked to be interviewed for an informational video the GDB is making to help prospective students decide if the guide dog lifestyle is right for them. They asked me about my experience so far and how I felt about the staff and my classmates. They also asked why I decided on GDB over other schools. Since I had just gotten back from my walk, I was very bubbly and enthusiastic which they totally loved. The interviewer and the camera dude were both pumped about my level of enthusiasm. It was kind of cool. I hope Cinnabar and I make the final cut. That would be pretty neat to be on an informational video.

Last night, Cinnabar and I posed for our team photo. I got dressed up and groomed Cinnabar so she would look beautiful (ok, more beautiful.). The photo will be on my GDB ID card and I was able to buy some prints for myself. I hope it turns out well.

We are done for the day, except for the final relieving opportunity. Cinnabar and I are going to chill out and relax this evening. They have a massage therapist who comes in once a week and does massages for a dollar a minute. I figured I’d give it a try and signed up for 20 minutes. My neck and shoulders have been a little stiff so I think I might get that worked on. So, that’s it for today. I’ll check in later. Have a lovely day!