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October 21st, 2005

07:45 pm
Working is for Chumps

I am so glad the weekend is finally here. It's been really slow at work this week. So slow, in fact, that I've been forced into staple pulling duty. We've got twenty years worth of old files that we're getting ready to scan so we can get rid of all the paper. The staple pulling part would be a great job for a temp, but sadly, I work for the State where they are too cheap to pay for such sensible things. So, I'm stuck pulling staples for who knows how long. It sucks ass. It's so boring. After a few hours, I start feeling like I'm going to drift into a coma. By the afternoon, I go completely insane. Stupid job. Working's for chumps. If only I could win the lottery...

I had a dream the other morning that was really weird. It was a little dream I had during the snooze button portion of my morning. I was in a casino or bar or something. There were cocktail waitresses in skimpy outfits - cleavage everywhere. I'm doing something - playing slots or a game of some type. That part of the dream was a little vague. So a cocktail waitress comes up to me with a plate of food and tries to give it to me. I told her I didn't order it, then she gave me a bitch-face and said "Yes you did. Take it!" Then she shoved the plate toward my face and hit me in the forehead with the edge of the plate. I refused again and she got all pissy and walked away. She turned around and asked nearby patrons if any of them had ordered the plate. Someone spoke up and claimed it so the waitress took it over. On her way back by me, I asked the waitress, "Don't you think you owe me an apology?" She said "No." and walked off. I was understandably pissed off and went after her. And that's when the alarm went off and I woke up. The weird part was that I was absolutely seething with rage. I was seriously pissed off as if that whole waitress thing had actually happened. I stayed pissed off for several hours. It was around lunch time when I finally calmed down. I knew that the whole thing was a dream and there was no reason to be mad. But for some reason I couldn't shake that pissed off feeling. It was the kind of pissed where you're all jittery and you're having to fight off the urge to punch someone. The whole thing was so bizarre and random. It screwed up my whole day.

I'm going to Tulsa tomorrow. TU is home against SMU. I know SMU sucks and TU should kick ass but this game scares me. For some reason, TU has been SMU's bitch for some time. They've won 8 of the last 9 meeting or something crazy like that. How does that happen? It's SMU. Anyway, hopefully the guys will stay focused and take care of business.

I'll also be picking up my latest ebay bargain while I'm in Tulsa. I bought an electric hospital bed, that works and is in great shape. I got it for $5.50. Isn't that insane? I bought it for Randy's mom. When she came home from the hospital after her first stay, she never could get comfortable in her own bed. She slept in a recliner the whole time. Then she went back to the hospital and was there for three weeks. She went home today so my timing was almost perfect. It's good to have her back at home finally and she's doing so great. She's so much stronger now. She's much better off than she was when she came home from the first hospital stay. She's doing awesome. So, she might not ever need that bed, but it was such a bargain I decided it was worth getting in case she wanted it. If she never uses it, no big deal. I'll resell it and make money off of it. I'm really excited about it because it was such a good deal.

Hmmm... I guess that's it for today. I've got to go get some laundry out of the dryer. Woo! Friday night duuuuude! I'm such a party animal.