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October 18th, 2005

08:49 am
Did Anyone Miss Me?

Alert the media! I am making my triumphant return after a 2 month hiatus of laziness. (2 months? Wow! A new record.) Why now? Well because I'm pissed off about one of my fantasy football teams. I turned in a particularly boneheaded lineup this week and lost to a crappy team. All because I'm an idiot. So here I am in an effort to cope with my rage. I'm more entertaining when I'm pissed off so at least some good will come from my humiliating defeat.

Randy and I have been through some hard times the past couple of months. We found out in early September that Randy's mom has stage 4 lymphoma. She's been in and out of the hospital (mostly in) for a little over a month so we've been pretty busy visiting and helping Randy's Dad out around the house. In spite of the diagnosis, things are going fairly well. Randy's mom has started chemo and is in good spirits. I have been very impressed by her attitude through this ordeal. She has never had a pity party for herself. She has kept a very positive attitude and firmly believes that she will be healed. Her strength is very impressive. I should probably say more, but I have a hard time talking about it. Watching Randy deal with this reminds me of Chuck and everything I went through. I need to not think about that. I'm trying to focus on doing what I can for Randy, his mom and the rest of the family.

Writing about Randy's mom makes me feel like an ass for getting so upset over fantasy football. In the grand scheme of things, my bad lineup is really insignificant. I need to get a grip. But still... So. Very. Pissed.

I haven't totally forgotten about my site these past 2 months. I did keep a little list of things to write about so I wouldn't forget. Here is a brief summary of the past 2 months:

- I've been to a lot of TU football games. They opened the season with a home loss against a very good Minnesota team. I was bummed but saw a lot of positives so I took the loss quite well. Next up was a close game at OU. TU played very well and had every opportunity to win. TU won every statistical category except for the score. Disappointing , but still promising. Next up was North Texas. Dad and I made the road trip and had a blast watching TU totally dominate in a 54-2 win. Fun times. Next up was a thrilling overtime win at home against Memphis. TU got lucky here. Memphis is a good team and almost made a great comeback. TU won in overtime for the first time in school history. Somehow, I did not have a heart attack. After the Memphis win was a little letdown at home against Houston. TU was out of sync all night. They made a strong comeback in the 4th quarter but came up short. TU gave that one away. TU responded to the letdown against Houston with an impressive road victory over Souther Miss. USM was the pre-season favorite to win their division and I was really expecting a loss. But TU played tough, overcame some early mistakes and totally dominated Southern Miss. I'm so glad that one happened to be on TV. I am also very glad I Tivoed it. I love Tivo. And finally, last weekend TU smoked Rice in Houston. Dad and I made this road trip as well. I'll have a little more to say about it later.

- Randy and I had our second anniversary. We went to Outback and gorged ourselves on a very nice dinner. Randy's nephew works at Outback and waited on us. He introduced us to the macaroni and cheese on the kids menu. That is some very tasty mac and cheese. I highly recommend it.

- I moved into my new office. We got shipped off to a new building and I couldn't be more thrilled. My new office is twice as big as my old one. I also really like being away from the chaos at the main OTC building. No more cranky ass people to deal with. No more noise. The move has been great. Our office has become much more relaxed. Every day is casual Friday (unless we have a hearing). Actually, it's beyond casual. It's like couch potato attire in here. Today, my boss is wearing jeans, an over-sized T-shirt (un-tucked) and socks, no shoes. Well, he's not wearing his shoes around the office anyway. I saw him making shoeless copies. I almost think I could get away with wearing pajamas here. It's great!

- Remember a year or so ago when I wrote about the car with bagpipe music blaring at full blast that I saw at a traffic light while I was at the bus stop? Well maybe the guy wasn't nuts after all. I have recently started listening to the Dropkick Murphys, an Irish style punk band. (They're from Boston but have embraced their Irish heritage.) They combine bagpipes with punk. It's so cool. I'm also really liking Flogging Molly, no bagpipes, but they use this Irish sounding pipe thing (fife?) and some really cool sounding snare drums. And then there's a Scottish punk band, the Real McKenzies, that are very bagpipe heavy. I don't have any of their albums yet but it's on my to do list. I love all of this stuff. How did I not know about this sooner? All of these bands have been around forever. I can't believe I missed this. Anyway, I apologize to the bagpipe guy for making fun of him. Bagpipes are bitchin'.

- How come every time I watch a football game on TV they always show some lame ass attention whore with one of those dorky D fence signs? (You know a D and a piece of fence). I guess that was mildly amusing (yet still lame) the first time some geek did it. But now? It's beyond lame. I mean there are like 500 jackasses at every football game with these signs now. It's not clever anymore. It's pathetic. So just stop it. I am hereby calling for a moratorium on the D fence sign. Its time has passed. Stop making them. And TV stations, stop encouraging these dweebs by putting them on TV all the time. I want to watch the game, not a loser who copied someone else's lame-ass idea. I swear, last night during the Colts/Rams game, ABC showed the same D fence dork 20 times. It's out of control.

- Oklahoma now has a lottery. Woo! They started selling scratch off tickets last week. The number drawing thing will start next month and then Powerball starts in January. I'm excited about it just because it will be something fun to do every now and then. We bought a few tickets at first because it was new. I didn't win squat and now I'm over the newness. I'm no fool. Yes, I do love gambling, but the odds are horrible and the lottery should be nothing more than a novelty. I will not become addicted. It's a sucker bet. I'll play the Powerball when it gets really big, but that's it.

- Speaking of lotteries, How many people have played 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, since "Lost" came on the air? I will never play those numbers because I don't want to share my jackpot with 10,000 people who think they were the only ones who thought to do that.

Well, that's all the crap on my list. Not as entertaining as I had hoped. But I wrote something, so that's a start.

Oh yeah, I was going to say more about the road trip to the TU/Rice game. Dad and I left Saturday morning a 5 and pulled into Houston at noon. We had lunch, went to the game, left Houston at 6:20 and got home at 1:30 Sunday morning. Yes, we are very devoted to TU. Anyway, a game at Rice is a very strange experience. The stadium is very old. It holds about 70 thousand people but sports has not been important at Rice for a very long time and so this stadium that hosted Super Bowl 3 is now very run down. Rice only draws about 5,000 fans per game. Oddly, there were about 8,000 at the TU game. (They announced 10K but What... Ever. I was there. No way.) There were at least 1,500 TU fans there although it was hard to tell for sure since we were spread out a bit. The whole stadium is general admission (because no one shows and there's plenty of room to spread out.) They don't print out normal looking football tickets. It was just a generic little orange ticket, like you'd get for a raffle, that had "TICKET" printed on it with a number at the end. When we bought our tickets, there was one window open and no line. The whole thing was surreal.

Then there was the half time "entertainment". The Rice band is a rip off of the Stanford band. They wear strange costumes (togas, etc) instead of uniforms and do this "politically incorrect" halftime show where they attempt to make fun of their opponents and other area universities. They took jabs at the U. of Houston, SMU, Texas A&M and Tulsa. The sad part was that the jokes were all so incredibly lame that it was embarrassing. They made fun of UH for having to advertise in Houston. So what. UH draws more fans than Rice. Maybe Rice should consider advertising. Then they were chest thumping over the fact that they always beat SMU. Well, it's SMU. Everyone beats them. (Except Tulsa. We're SMU's bitch for some reason.) Then they ripped on Texas A&M for having a major in Animal Husbandry. This was incredibly lame simply because it was so very apparent that Rice students think they are intellectually superior to the rest of the academic world. (They announced Ivy league football scores because you know, Rice is the Ivy league of the South.) You know the dorks who came up with this believed themselves to be very clever. Well, it wasn't. Everyone rips on A&M for the animal husbandry thing. It's too easy. In fact, I've even heard Oklahoma State fans make the same joke. (See, the dumb aggie joke is lame when I do it too.) Not clever at all. Then for the let's make fun of Tulsa portion of the show, they had some dorks in indian outfits running around with giant bingo cards. Um, ok. There are a lot of Indian casinos in Oklahoma. BFD. And who tries to make fun of an opponent when said opponent is winning 21-0 at the half. That takes some arrogance. The whole thing was just so embarrassingly stupid. It's like the show was created by 6th graders. So. Very. Sad. The only interesting thing about this band was that they had a string section that marched on the field. How odd. Especially since there were only about 5 of them and it was impossible for them to be heard over the brass and percussion. The only reason they were playing with the band was for show so that everyone could be reminded how classy and superior Rice is to other universities.

And the Rice fans have NO CLUE about football. They don't care. They're all too smart to be bothered with football. There were some asses behind who were yelling Tulsa sucks throughout the game. Rice never led during the contest. Rice scored 21 in the second half when TU quit trying. The final was 41-21 and it wasn't really that close. Yet Tulsa is the team that sucks. After the game the same group of dorks started cheering and chanting "We beat the spread." About 10 TU fans pointed out that the spread was 8, thus they beat nothing. Dumbest. Fans. Ever! These dorks were so annoying. It was the weirdest experience I've ever had at a road game.

I think that petty much gets me caught up. See. you didn't miss much in 2 months. It feels good to be back. I think I might be over my non-writing funk. I'll try to come back before December. Later.