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August 17th, 2005

01:37 pm
Empty Headed Ramblings

Everyone keeps asking me why I haven't updated in forever. Well, I don't know. I just feel empty headed. I've been in this mood where i feel like I have nothing interesting to say. On top of that, I haven't really done anything very noteworthy. I just sit on my ass and wait for my stupid leg to heal. Pretty boring stuff.

Speaking of my stupid leg, I went back to the Doctor last week. I got to take my splint off, but I have to walk around on crutches for at least another month. I was really hoping I'd be walking by football season. I've got games to go to. Anyway, I go back in another three weeks or so for another x-ray and hopefully I'll get to walk.

Remember back at the start of baseball season when I was so excited because the Memphis Redbirds were wearing stirrups? Well, they're back in town and upon closer inspection, I noticed that they are actually just socks with the stirrup looking pattern stitched in. I'm so sad about that. Still they're better than solid colored socks. It would just be so much cooler if they wore real stirrups.

In other stirrup related news, check out these bitchin' stirrups worn by AAA pitcher Abe Alvarez of the Pawtucket Red Sox. He's got the perfect stirrup to sock ratio working here. Very nice. Also of interest is that he is legally blind in his left eye and thus to allow better visibility, he wears his hat with the bill turned crooked. The crooked hat is not a good look, but I can live with hat crookedness if there's a good reason for it. Now the guys who wear their hats crooked just because they think in makes them look like a bad ass gangsta, - those guys can kiss my ass. You all look like dorks. Straighten your hats. Anyway, I'm officially placing myself at the front of the Abe Alvarez bandwagon. I have a soft spot for one-eyed stirrup wearers. Go Abe!

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I had a creepy moment at the Redhawks game last night. A person sat in front of me who was sporting one of those totally 80's, kinda poofy, spikey, mullety looking hairdos worn by all the 80's teen heart-throbs who were all named Corey, At first glance, I thought I had gone back in time and Corey Haim was sitting in front of me and I experienced a brief wave of 13 year old giddiness. Then I realized the person sitting in front of me was a woman. Then I remembered that it wasn't 1987. Then I suddenly felt very old because 1987 was 18 damn years ago. The whole episode was very disturbing. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture. I had a perfect opportunity but missed my chance. Bummer, Duuuuude!

I'm going to see Green Day tonight. Woo!

OK, I'm out of stuff to say and I have to pee. Later.