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July 20th, 2005

02:31 pm
Scotty Gets Beamed Up

I just read that Star Trek's "Scotty" died this morning. Although I rarely admit this in public, there was a time when I attended my fair share of Star Trek conventions. (Look, it was in junior high and high school... and ok, there were a couple while I was in college, but it's over now. And for the record, no, I never had a costume. Now let's never speak of this again.) Anyway, one of my fondest memories was my second convention which featured James "Scotty" Doohan as the special guest. My best friend and I had seats on the front row for Scotty's appearance. He was hilarious. He told lots of funny stories, none of which I remember exactly. It seems like a lot of them involved him being drunk. Anyway, I do remember him being more of a "regular guy" than all the other Trek actors I saw. He was very entertaining. The highlight for me came during the question and answer session. Scotty leaned over me to pass the mike to some costume wearing freak. In the process, Scotty brushed my arm. It was the coolest thing ever! Seriously, I was so excited that I decided right then and there that I was never washing that shirt again. (Cut me some slack. I was 14. It's a very confusing time for a kid.) Of course, common sense eventually settled back in and I did wash the shirt. I'm just sayin' I was really damn excited about it. After Scotty's appearance, my friend and I waited for a couple of hours in the autograph line where I told anyone who would listen that Scotty touched my shirt. Everyone was jealous, or at least they humored me by pretending to be jealous. Then we finally got his autograph. He was so nice to us. He chatted for a few seconds and called me "love" or something like that. I was giddy. This was without question the best Star Trek convention I ever went to. I went to bigger ones with "bigger stars" but no one I saw was as pleasant and easy going as James Doohan. He didn't act like a star and wasn't freaked out by the fans. He was a regular guy having a good time and making the best of his fame. He was great fun to meet and I'm happy to have my memories of him.. Anyway... So long, Scotty. Thanks for touching my shirt.