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June 22nd, 2005

03:16 pm
Whatever. I Can't Think of a Title.

I have a Beep Ball tournament this weekend. It's being organized by the Oklahoma League for the Blind. The organizers at the League are all jazzed up about the fact that I'm the only chick on the local team so they're pimping me out for their publicity campaign. I will be interviewed Friday morning around 6:15 on the Channel 9 morning show. It's going to be live (oh crap!). I'm not sure this is such a great idea but the powers that be are really pumped up about it so I'll take one for the team. It'll be good to spread the word about beep ball, but I have an unfortunate tendency to stammer like a complete moron when I get nervous. This is why I had to find a law job that didn't require me to go to court. I am fairly coherent in my every day life, but put me in the spotlight and I turn into stooge. It's very annoying. I'm trying to keep myself calm. After all, it is just a 3 minute interview and all I have to do is talk about beep ball. No problem. Right? Oh yeah, one problem. I have a damn cold sore that popped up at about the same instant that I found out that I was going to be on TV. Sigh! That's gonna look real nice. I've been slathering various medicines on it, but there's really nothing that works. I am so screwed. Hopefully a little lipstick will cover it up.

I haven't written in a while because absolutely nothing is going on.. Randy and I went to the lake a couple of weeks ago with Randy's cousin and the cousin's girlfriend. But it was basically a disaster and not even a funny disaster so it wasn't worth writing about. I've been going to Redhawks games and beep ball practices. The rest of the time I'm working, sleeping or mowing the damn lawn because it won't quit raining. So you see. Things have been really slow for me.

The most interesting thing that has happened recently is that my grandmother got a kitten. He's an 8 week old Siamese mix. His name is Otis. I was kind of shocked when my grandma called to tell me she got a cat. She had briefly considered getting a dog about a year ago, but after dog-sitting Horatio once when I was in Vegas, she decided that she didn't want the responsibility of pet ownership. Now out of the blue, she gets a cat. Go figure. I think it will be good for her though. Now she can talk to the cat all day instead of talking to herself. It'll make her seem a little less crazy.

So I'm out of stuff to talk about already. My life is so boring.