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May 14th, 2005

07:17 pm
Loose Ends...

Well, I was watching the NASCAR race at Richmond tonight but Jimmie Johnson wrecked early and is out of the race. Since I lost all interest in the race at that moment I figured it would be a good time to fill in the blanks from my past month of non-writing laziness.

So, in case you were losing sleep over this, I did finally get my season pass from the Redhawks. Disaster averted. I'm sure you're all relieved to learn the outcome to that riveting story.

We got new computers at work. (YAY!) You wouldn't believe that crap I was using there. Over a 6 month stretch last fall I went through five computers. I had 2 that only lasted a week. The hard drives kept crashing. Every time it happened the IT dorks would bring me yet another ancient piece of garbage that they pieced together out of any random parts they had lying around. It was really frustrating. I finally met an IT guy who wasn't a worthless jackass and he got me set up with one that he promised would be reliable. He was true to his word and got me one that didn't give me any trouble, but it was still an ancient piece of crap. Naturally, I have made non-worthless-jackass-IT-Guy, my official IT guy. Screw the help desk. Now I just call my guy directly. Anyway... What really sucked about my computer drama was that most of the other divisions in the building had already been given new computers. For some reason, my office was the last group in the building to get new stuff. I don't know why we're the red-headed step child of the Tax Commission but that's how it is. At least we got new stuff eventually.

We also got a cool document imaging system. We've got about 20 years worth of closed cases that we're in the process of scanning so that we can shred all the originals. It's a pretty slick system and has been fun for me to tinker with. I'm the most computer literate person in my little group (there's just me and 4 others in my office) so they've been relying on me to learn the ins and outs of the new system so I can help when problems arise. My co-workers think I'm some kind of computer genius. I'm really not. It's just that I'm not intimidated by learning new stuff and I'm not afraid to tinker with stuff and figure out what I need to know. My office mates on the other hand are so technology-shy that they totally freaked out when our new fax machine arrived and they figured out that they forgot to request installation on the purchase order. I stepped in mid-panic and offered to set it up for them. From that point on they decided I was a techno-genius. It's crazy. These people are easily impressed. Anyway, we've had the new computers and scanners and such for a couple of weeks now and I have not made through a day without hearing "Audrey, HELP!" They're keeping me real busy with their computer issues. But it's been fun for me so I really don't mind. I like gadgets.

I had Beep-Ball Practice this morning. It went pretty well. I'm a rookie this year so I'm still learning, but today Coach told me I was picking it up fast and doing well. He guaranteed me some playing time at our first tournament which will be in Topeka the first weekend of June. I was pretty happy to hear that. After practice, Randy and I went to lunch then he drove me to a sporting goods store on the other side of town so that I could get some stirrups to go with my uniform. Stirrups are really not that easy to track down, but I feel very strongly that they are an essential part of a baseball uniform and had to have some before tournament season got under way. I can't wait bust 'em out for our first tournament. They look so cool.

Speaking of stirrups, during the Redhawks first homestand, they played a series against the Memphis Redbirds from the Cardinals organization. Now the Cardinals are 1 of a few teams who actually have a neat striped stirrup that is part of their "official" uniform. In the past I have seen a few Redbirds sporting the striped stirrup and there are a few Cardinals who wear them too. But when the Redbirds were in town recently, almost the entire team was wearing the stirrups and they all had there pants hiked way up high. It was a beautiful thing. I've never seen that many pair of stirrups on a baseball field before. I have to admit, I got a little misty at the sight of all those stirrups. I've got a picture, but it's on Mom's camera. I need to get it from her and post it here. I hope some of these guys will make it up to St. Louis and start a stirrup trend that spreads throughout the rest of the Majors. Baseball really needs stirrups.

I just called Mom and tried to nag her into emailing me the stirrup picture. No luck. She's being lazy. She says she'll do it in the morning. We'll see.

Green Day is coming to town in August. WOO! I'm really excited. Dad bought tickets for me this morning since I was at practice and couldn't go. I'm going with Mom and Dad, Randy, Mr. and Mrs. Lou and the Whodinis. It should be a great show.

Well, I think I'm out of stuff to ramble about. Also, Randy just brought me an ice cream bar from the freezer. He got them from Braum's and they're made with light ice cream. They're very tasty. I really can't resist. This ice cream bar looks like it is in need of a good home. I think I can take care of that. Later.