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April 15th, 2005

02:07 pm
I'm Psychic!

I lucked out and had a chance to go by the ballpark at lunch today to find out what happened to my Redhawks season pass that I was supposed to get in the mail before opening night. I told the ticket-boob my name, she looks on the computer... nothing. "Could it be under another name?" she asks. "No." So I stood around and picked my ass while the ticket-boob tried to figure out where my pass was. She disappeared, apparently to check with a higher up boob. Still nothing. She disappeared yet again, presumably to consult with the head-boob. Finally the ticket-boob returned and gave me some half-assed explanation about why my order wasn't processed. I'd tell you what the excuse was except I have no idea. It was some kind of incoherent boobery and I don't even think the ticket-boob understood what she was telling me. It doesn't really matter what the excuse was. I was given tickets for the first home stand and was promised that my pass would be mailed next week. Riiiiiiiiiight. At least I was able to deal with this crap at lunch when there were no monstrous lines to wait through. I have no ill-will toward the ticket boob. She was very polite and apologetic. I just get really frustrated with the way the Redhawks conduct business. The customer service is horrendous. And the worst part about it is that no one in the organization seems to care.

In other annoying news... the Tax Commission is packed with people today who are JUST NOW looking for tax forms and trying to figure out how to fill out their taxes. There are literally people filling out their forms IN THE LOBBY! unbelievable. It's April 15th people! It comes around every year and you all KNOW it's coming. Plan ahead! Look, I'm the world's worst procrastinator and even I sent in my taxes a month ago. Of course I wanted my money, but still. Even if I owed, I'd have filled out the forms a month ago so they'd be ready to mail today. It's not that hard. People are nuts.