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April 14th, 2005

11:43 am
I Can't Believe It's Over

I saw CAKE a week ago tonight. I was planning to write about this sooner, but I was so bummed that it was over that I couldn't bring myself to talk about it. CAKE was of course awesome. Unfortunately, they played a shorter set than what I saw a few months back when Dad and I drove to Grand Prairie. But, on the plus side, they played one of my favorites, "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" which I had hoped to see them do. That was the only song they played in Tulsa that I hadn't seen live before. I think overall, they played better the first time I saw them, but this crowd was a much more CAKE-friendly crowd and made the show a little more fun. The first time around in Texas, everyone was there to see Collective Soul and there were only 1,500 or so Cake die-hards left at the end. At the Tulsa show, everyone was there to see CAKE. There were about 4,000 or so people there and they were all having a blast. The warm up bands for CAKE were Robbers on High Street and Gomez. I hadn't heard of either one of them before. Robbers... were ok, but nothing I'd rush out to buy. Gomez started out sounding really good and After the first 3 songs I was considering picking up a CD. But it went WAY downhill from there. They were being assholes and reaming out the audience for not dancing then they'd launch into a painfully slow, coma-inducing song that you couldn't dance to if you tried. It was crap. And they played FOREVER. The bastards played for an hour and a half. By the time CAKE came out, there was only an hour left for them before the concert had to be shut down for a local curfew. That's bullshit! CAKE were the headliners. They should have gotten the extra half hour. Not those lame-ass, Pearl Jam wanna-be assholes of Gomez. I was pissed, but at least I got another chance to see CAKE. Of course, now I want to see them again. I will never get tired of CAKE concerts. They are a great live band. Hopefully it won't be long before they come close to Oklahoma City again. I miss them so much already and it's only been a week.

The Redhawks home opener is tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited to get back out to the ballpark. I bought my season pass a little over a week ago and the staff assured me that I'd get it in the mail by opening night. Well, I'm still waiting. Maybe it will be in the mailbox tonight when I get home. I doubt it though. The Redhawks are notoriously incompetent. I'm sure I'll end up in some long ass line tomorrow night and when I finally reach the front, I'll have to stand around and pick my ass while I wait for some boob to figure out where my pass is. No, screw that. I know a ticket-chick who will let me in. I'll bypass the line outside the park and go raise Hell at the ticket window inside. Yeah, that's a good plan.

We're having our first beep-ball practice of the season on Saturday morning. It's about time. I'm ready to get started. As I've mentioned, I think about beep-ball almost non-stop. My thoughts lately have been dominated by how I want to wear my uniform pants. (Yes, this is a very critical issue for me. If I'm going to play ball, I will look good doing it. Pants style is the most critical aspect of a baseball uniform other than the design of the uniform itself.) I have planned all along to wear my pants old-school style with them pulled way up just below my knees. The original plan was to go with solid gold colored socks (Team colors are green and gold). But then I started thinking about how much I miss seeing stirrups in baseball. Check out this great "Uni Watch" column by Paul Lukas dedicated to stirrups. Stirrups are just a classic look and someone in Major League Baseball needs to be a trend setter and bring them back. But not like they wore them in the 70's and 80's with just the long stirrup ribbon showing. I like the shorter stirrups of the 50's and 60' where less of the white sock was showing. So in an effort to do my part to bring back the stirrup, I will be wearing gold stirrups with white socks this season. Now I just have to find stirrups. So far I'm not having much luck. You can buy them on the internet, but I can't find gold ones. Well that's not true. I found gold ones that cost $2.95 but they want $7.99 to ship them. That pisses me off. I'm sure I can find some locally at a uniform shop. I just need to check around here. Maybe I'll work on that this weekend.

Well, that was fun. I have to go. I didn't mean to ramble on for so long. Later.