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February 16th, 2005

08:54 am
What a Spectacular Bitch!

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show crowned its Best In Show last night. This year's champion is a German Shorthaired Pointer named "Carlee". I always get way too excited about this dog show, but this year I experienced all new levels of enthusiasm. I was cheering for this pointer because my dog, although not a pure breed seems to have some pointer in him. So I went through the roof when the German Shorthaired Pointer won. The dog I like never wins. It always goes to some stupid little annoying hairball of a dog. Finally, a cool dog won the big one! I was so excited that I went screaming through the house like a maniac. I think I scared the Hell out of Randy. Yeah, I get a little too wrapped up in this dog show. I can't help it though. I love dogs and this show is huge. It's the Super Bowl of Dog shows. 2500 dogs, all AKC recognized breeds and varieties are represented. It sells out Madison Square Garden! It's just fantastic. I never miss it.

My dog, Horatio