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February 3rd, 2005

09:37 am
Football Euphoria

I'm jumping in here for a quick update so that I can give my annual Super Bowl picks. New England is favored by 7. For the first time in many years, I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other about the game. But, if I were putting money on the game, I'd have to go with the Pats and give the 7 points. I really think Philly has a decent shot at upsetting the champs, but I'm just not willing to bet against Bill Belichick. Ever. He's so good at getting his team prepared and the Pats seem to have a special mixture of guys that respond to Belichick's style. They seem very unselfish and focused. You just can't bet against a team like that in a big game. As for the over/under. If I remember right, it's at 48. Really, it doesn't matter. It's the Super Bowl. Just take the over and forget about it. Odds are the game will be a blowout so the over is a safe bet. Happy gambling!

So I saw Sideways last weekend with Randy, Mom and Dad and Mr. and Mrs. Lou. All I can say is What the Hell? I guess I'm an unsophisticated moron because I thought that movie sucked. The rest of the group thought it sucked too and they all got mad at me for picking it out. My bad. I'll never listen to critics again. I can see why all the critics are saying it's great since it's all artsy-fartsy, but it just was not entertaining at all. Can I have my $8.50 back, please?

TU signed an awesome football recruiting class yesterday. I am so excited. We've had 2 great classes in a row. We're moving to Conference USA. We have a great non-conference schedule next year with games at OU, North Texas and a home opener against Minnesota. They've started demolition of the North endzone seating at Skelly Stadium to make room for a state of the art football building. There has never been a more exciting time for TU football fans. The season can't get here soon enough for me. I can't stop thinking about TU football. It's really rather distracting.

I think I'm pissed off about something, but my football euphoria made me forget what I was going to bitch about. Oh well. It just gives me something to write about next time.

So I'm thinking instead of an Ipod, I'd like to have one of these It's small yet has enough memory for my needs. It has a replaceable battery, it's cute as a dick and it's cheaper than an Ipod mini while having 5GB of storage vs. the Mini's 4GB. And as an added bonus, I won't need a new computer. I can run this little bastard on the hoopty computer that I have now. Sweet. Of course, I do really love my Minidisc player, so maybe I should just try to suppress my obsession with electronic gizmos. It's a tough call. I mean, just look at how cool that is.

Speaking of the minidisc player, last night I put together a really awesome
ska mix disc. Over two and a half hours of pulse pounding ska tunes on 1 disc. I rule!

OK, I'm done. I need to pee. Have a lovely day. Later