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November 19th, 2004

11:25 am

A bird shit on my TU hat while I was waiting at the bus stop today. Now at first, I was really pissed off because it's my favorite TU hat and all. But then I remembered an article by the Sports Guy that I recently read. Long story short, this guy is as big of a Red Sox fan as I am a TU fan. So just before the start of the Sox/Yankees playoff series he wrote an article about having a bird drop a big steamy pile on his Red Sox T-shirt. His Mom had always told him it was good luck to be shit on by a bird but he had basically aways dismissed it. But after observing the incident, a lady told him it was lucky. So just to be safe, he didn't wash the shirt. Well, look what happened. The BoSox are World Series Champs. So, I'm thinking I'll test the lucky bird shit theory. I wiped off the big chunks and what's left isn't very visible. I don't know though. It's still bird shit after all which is gross. But what if washing the hat somehow angers the sports Gods. Then TU will be totally screwed and it will be my fault. I'm torn on this one. I think I'll give the hat a test run over the weekend, but if good things don't happen for TU, that hat is headed for a good cleansing in the dishwasher. Yeah, good plan.

I have been trying for 2 weeks to get some pictures to upload to the site and for reasons beyond my understanding, it's not working. I am so pissed off about it, but it's time to give up and move on. I will just have to use my words to paint a little mental picture for you.

OK, so like three weeks ago I think it was, Mom, Dad and I headed to Tulsa for TU's home game against Rice. Well, thanks to my Dad and a set of totally awesome coincidences, my ass was standing on the TU sideline for a large chunk of the game. That's right. The TU SIDELINE Baby!!! It was so very ass-kickingly awesome!!! As a completely rabid and insanely devoted TU fan, this was a dream come true situation for me. I was so damn happy. I grinned for days afterward. Hell, I'm still grinning. I got a close up view of TU running back Uril Parrish, hurdling over a Rice player to pick up a few extra yards. It would have been a great move no matter where one viewed it from, but to see it just 10 feet away from me was amazing. I can't believe people actually jump that high. I was right there when kick returner Ashlan Davis put on the move that busted him loose for a kick return TD. It was his third consecutive week with a return TD tying an NCAA record. (He broke the record the following week at SMU with his 4th kick return. The dude is a stud.) And I loved watching Coach Kragthorpe interact with the refs. He really lets them know what he thinks. The whole experience was just hella-cool. Thanks for getting me the hook-up, Dad.

The following week, Dad and I drove to Dallas to see TU play at SMU. We had a good time, but saw a very disappointing overtime loss. TU came out slow and sloppy at the start of the game and got in too big of a hole. It was really disheartening to lose to SMU because, I'm sorry, but they just suck. TU should have manhandled them. Anyway, before the game Dad and I found ourselves a nice parking space and whipped out the grill. We cooked burgers and hot dogs and Dad had a surprising number of beers in a short amount of time. Dad was rowdy (for him anyway - not by normal standards ) at the start of the game. It was so comical.

The sixth season of The Amazing Race kicked off last week. Yay! I really love this show, but I'm sad to see that it seems to be moving toward becoming an ordinary reality show focusing on bickering morons instead of being a kick-ass fascinating show focusing on the race strategy and locations. There was so much bickering and nonsense in the premier that it was hard to watch. Also, there are now way too many actor/model pretty people instead of real people. I'm a little worried about my show sucking this season. We'll see. So far there really aren't any teams that jump out at me as likable but there are more than enough teams to hate. Well, actually, I did like the Mormon sisters quite a bit. They seemed interesting, they ran a good leg and they weren't assholes to each other. There's a father/daughter team that has potential, but the dad is really dragging them down. I like the daughter a lot, but the dad is out of shape, slow and seems totally uninterested in the race. Hopefully he'll pull his head out and they can get it together but I'm thinking they won't last long.

I guess that's all I've got for today. In case you didn't notice my 2004 Holiday Gift Guide is available for anyone who is trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas. And even if you're not getting me a Christmas present, I still think the list is worth a read because it's kind of funny. Enjoy!