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October 18th, 2004

11:49 am
Something New

I am trying something new with AudreysAudities.com. I'm trading in the website for a blog at Blogger.com. You will soon be able to reach it at the same address, www.audreyaudities.com and you will still be able to come back here to read the Archives and everything else. There's a link to this site in my links section on the blog. I'm not sure if this blog thing is really going to work out, but it does present an opportunity to get more readers. It's also a lot less work which will make it easier for me to write. I'm having some guilt issues becasue I feel like I'm bailing on this site and I don't want that. But I'm trying to remind myself that AudreysAudities isn't going away. It's just changing formats. This site never ended up being anything more than a blog despite my intentions, so I might as well officially make it a blog. I hope this doesn't suck, but if it does, I can always change it back. Later...