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July 30th, 2004

03:10 pm

I am so addicted to The Amazing Race. I know, I know. I have trashed reality TV on numerous occasions. But The Amazing Race is not just a lame ass reality show. It's actually good (and Amazing!). I've been secretly watching since the middle of the third season and I have decided it is time for me to come clean. Hello. My name is Audrey and I love The Amazing Race. (Hi Audrey!!!) Anyway, Tuesday during The Amazing Race the stupid local affiliate interrupted the show for election crap. I was so pissed off. I screamed and cussed at the TV so much that I completely freaked Randy out. Seriously, for a second there, he seemed afraid of me. He actually told me he thought I had anger problems - and he was SERIOUS. I had a hard time convincing him that my screaming was more sarcasm than actual rage. But once I told him that he cusses and screams during OU games and that I was kind of freaked the first time I watched a game with him, he understood and decided I was OK. The whole thing was so strange. I really don''t know what to say about it.

I stepped in gum at the bus stop the other day. What the hell is wrong with people? It seems like I am always stepping in gum. I'm like a gum magnet. It's so frustrating. Put it in the trash people! If you have to spit it out somewhere, at least try not to put it right in the big ass middle of a path where people walk, especially parking lots. Parking lots should be completely off-limits for emergency gum disposal. It's common courtesy. I am so sick of irresponsible gum chewers.

I kind of got a new computer. Actually, I got Mom and Dad's old computer. It has some issues, but it's still a lot more powerful than my old dinosaur machine. It'll be a big help for taking care of my website. I can finally upload pictures from home. Woo hoo! I really don't have any excuse to neglect my site now (except for laziness - no computer can solve that problem).

Another bonus to getting the more powerful computer is that I can now play The Sims without endless game crashes. I could kind of play it on the old computer, but when I loaded the Hot Date expansion pack, it nearly killed my old machine. I've had The Sims: Hot Date sitting on a shelf for 2 years because my lame ass computer couldn't handle it. To satisfy my Sims addiction, I've been playing the Playstation 2 version. It's fun, but not as versatile and interesting as the PC version. Now that I've got a better computer I'm finally getting to try out Hot Date and have been playing non-stop. I've been having a blast with the Sim dating. It's so fun. (I am such a geek.) Right now I have a bachelor sim named Horatio (yes, I named a Sim after my dog who is named after Horatio Hornblower - big geek!). He's kind of a player. He's got three random chicks that he met downtown lusting after him but has no commitment to any of them. He's just playing the field looking for the right woman. I haven't quite decided where it's going to go, but I'm getting Horatio (the Sim, not the dog) set up for big woman troubles if all his chicks start finding out about each other. (It's so Jerry Springer. I love it - mega geek!.) Then last night I moved in a new family of five single chicks into the neighborhood. They're named after the the Bennett sisters from Pride and Prejudice. (Geekzilla!). My original plan was to have Horatio hook up with the coolest one (Elizabeth) but now I'm having second thoughts. Elizabeth deserves better than man-whorish Horatio. I may have to create the Sim version of Mr. Darcy for her. It's a serious dilemma (If you're the Queen of Geeks!)

Wow, this has been a really lame update. I'm really reaching for crap to talk about. I mean, a detailed description of the lives of my Sims??? What the Hell?

Oh wait, here's something that might not be lame. On Tuesday, one of my co-workers almost started a fire while cooking a baked potato in the microwave. She set the timer for 20 minutes and had the potato sitting on a paper towel. She went in the break room to check on it after about 10 or 15 minutes and the room was filled with smoke. The paper towel was just starting to flame up when she got in there. The stench was horrible and filled the whole floor of our building. The security guard came in to investigate and people streamed through all afternoon bitching about the smell. It was funny because it wasn't me who can't cook a baked potato. (You know, I just read what I wrote about the flaming potato and I must say that seeing this potato incident in person was a lot more entertaining than reading about it. That was just lame space filler after all. Oh well. I tried.)

That's it. I'm calling it a day. Check back next week for details about my annual AudreysAudities.com Fantasy Football League. Space is limited so if you want to play, you better pay attention so you won't miss it. Toodles...