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July 1st, 2004

09:50 am

I've really let this site go down the toilet. I hate myself. Oh well. It is what it is. (You better get used to seeing that. It's the new family motto and I say it all the time now. Dad started it.)

OK, I did stuff in June, but I just never got around to writing about it because I had no way to get my pictures uploaded. I need a new computer, still. Sigh... Oh well, it is what it is. I should just write anyway. I don't need pictures. but I feel that everything is more fun with visual aids.

Anyway... here's the Readers Digest version of my June:

I went to Lake Tenkiller for Memorial Day weekend. OK, technically, that was in May but, it is what it is. We took Horatio. He had a blast. He wore his little life jacket and was cute as hell. He likes to float on a raft with us while we swim. He also likes roaming the banks when we beach the boat. I was afraid he'd be kind of spooked since it was his first time on a boat. But, he took to it really well and after a brief period of anxiety over the new experience, he he settled right in and seemed to have a good time. He's definitely a lake dog.

I got sick. The doc said it was strep, but I think that's BS. I missed three days of work with a high fever. It kinda sucked, but I must admit that I did enjoy watching Star Trek reruns on Spike TV. I also watched some good 80's movies on AMC one night. They showed The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles back to back. Ah... That took me back. I love 80's movies.

On fathers day I went with Dad, Randy and a friend to Lake Texoma to go Striper fishing with a guide. This was our make up trip from when we went in March and the weather screwed us over. This time the weather was good and we caught a bunch of fish - 35 in all. Most of them were 8 to 10 pounds. Randy caught the biggest one at 15 pounds. He caught it while we were down rigging and actually caught another smaller fish on the line at the same time. ti was so cool. Down rigging is kinda cheating I guess, but it sure was fun pulling fish into the boat one after another. We also brought home a 20 pound catfish. We didn't catch it. The guide had it on the boat when we got there. He said he caught it in his bait net when he was getting shad. It was cool of him to let us have it. It was good eatin'. It wasn't as awesome as the striper, but still very tasty.

So I think I've hit the major highlights for June. The rest of the month was routine stuff: work, eat, sleep yard work, Redhawks, etc. I'm going back to Tenkiller this weekend so I'll be back after the weekend to do an update... maybe. It is what it is. Later.