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May 17th, 2004

10:03 am

I was mowing my back yard on Saturday and ran over a dead squirrel with my mower. The body was hidden in some high grass. I don't know how it died. I think it might have been Horatio's first kill. Anyway, even though the squirrel was dead when I mowed over it, I still feel extremely guilty for mowing over it. The body was cut in half by the mower blade. I made Randy go clean up the carnage. Really, it was very traumatic for me. I feel like the most evil person who ever lived.

Nothing much else to talk about from the weekend. I had a bitchin' dinner at Mom and Dad's Saturday night. Mom made her first ever attempt at cooking lobster tails. They turned out pretty good, but we all agreed there was room for improvement. Mom will figure it out. She's good at crap like that. We also cooked some shrimp out on the grill. They were damn good. While I was there Dad and I uncovered the pool and got the cover cleaned up to be stored for the summer. It was fun even though I had to work. I don't see Mom and Dad as much as I used to now that I'm married, so it was cool to hang out and BS with them.

Sunday, Randy and I had lunch at my Grandma's. Mom was there too, but Dad had to go out of town. After lunch, we all went shopping. We had a really good time. Randy got some new cologne that smells SOOOOOOO good. The chick at the counter handed me the sample. I took one sniff and took off running to the other end of the counter where Randy was looking. I grabbed him and said a little too loud, "You HAVE to get this!" Yes, I once again made an ass of myself in a store. What else is new? Really, it smells THAT good. It's a new fragrance from Vera Wang. I love it. Fortunately, Randy liked it a lot too. Now I get to smell him all the time. Yay! After buying cologne, we went to Bath & Body Works where Mom, Meema and I all stocked up on yummy smelling things. Then we went to Wal-Mart for a few groceries.

That was basically it for the weekend. I have nothing humorous to add today. I'm still kind of depressed about the squirrel incident. Later.