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April 7th, 2004

10:24 am

Why do people celebrate sports championships by starting fires and overturning cars? I have been very happy and excited by numerous sports related outcomes in my life, yet I have never had the urge to turn over a car. People suck.

I went to the Prince concert last night. It was SOOOOOOOO good. It was totally worth the disruption in my daily routine. I had a blast. I'm really glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to see such a musical legend. The show was great, especially the encore where he did an acoustic version of "Little Red Corvette", "7" (Damn that's a good song) and then brought down the house with "Purple Rain". I consider myself more of a casual Prince fan, not a true fan, and I had forgotten just how many good tunes Prince has put out. What a show!

So I found out today that instead of printing out paper tickets for season ticket holders, the Oklahoma Redhawks are issuing some stupid card to fans that they have scanned at the gate. For the record, I think this idea sucks balls. Technology has gone too far this time. Maybe I'm being too much of a purist here, but I want a damn ticket. What if I see another perfect game or no hitter and want to keep my stub? Now I can't. And the stubs have always had coupons for stuff on the back. I never used them much, but that doesn't mean I still don't want the opportunity to get what's mine. This scanner card business is just creepy and wrong. You know they'll have some damn computer tracking my attendance pattern. Nosey bastards. And I just know that this new system will screw up and cause me some sort of inconvenience. That's just how all these new convenience type gizmos are. It's like those stupid self-serve credit card machines that are in stores now. People can't figure out how they work or the stupid thing malfunctions and I end up picking my ass in line longer than I would have if the damn checker would've just swiped the card. Or like those self checkout lines at Wal-Mart. Those things screw up all the time and you have to wait for a person to come over and reset the machine. It's all just a big waste of time. And why should I have to swipe my own card or check myself out anyway? What makes these places think I want to work while I am shopping at their store? I'll let someone who's getting paid sack up my stuff at Wal-Mart thank you very much. Sometimes, technology really pisses me off.

Whew. So much rage today. That was fun. Later.