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April 6th, 2004

10:27 am

I don't have a damn thing to talk about today, but at least I'm trying. It's safe to say that this update is going to suck. You were warned so no bitching. I'm not in the mood.

Was that the most boring national championship game in the history of college basketball or what? Total snooze-fest. On the plus side, I kind of enjoyed seeing Georgia Tech get manhandled by UConn. It was karma coming back to bite the Yellow Jackets in the ass for the way they humiliated TU in the Humanitarian Bowl. Yes, I'm still bitter about that. I know I should just be happy with a bowl appearance, but I can't quite get over the ass-kicking. I really felt like Ga. Tech could have shown a little more class and called off the dogs. On the other hand. TU really wasn't putting up a fight so maybe Ga. Tech couldn't help scoring all those late points. I don't know. All I know is watching the Tech Basketball team get thumped made me feel better. Should I get therapy for my misplaced, sports-related bitterness?

I'm going to see Prince in concert tonight. I'm kind of excited. It will be a great show, I'm sure. I just wish it weren't on a Tuesday. Concerts are weekend activities. Going to one in the middle of the week disrupts my routine. I need routine in my life... Holy crap. How did I become such a tired old crank?

I had something I wanted to bitch about but I can't remember what it was. Damn! I really like to bitch. Let me think about it a minute... Was it assholes who pay bus fare with nickels and pennies and take forever to get on the bus? That is annoying, but not update worthy... Need to think more... Still thinking... Screw it. I'm coming up with nothing. My mind is a black hole of interesting thoughts. Completely empty. How sad.

I've started keeping my jewelry in a tackle box. Not one of those big ones with the pull out shelves and drawers. It's the clear plastic kind that just has little compartments for weights, hooks or small lures. It is so handy. Each piece has it's own little compartment. No more untangling necklaces and earrings. No more searching through a box full of earrings to find a matching pair. The tackle box has solved all of my jewelry woes. Does that sound incredibly clever or just trailer park? I can't decide. Randy thinks it's trailer park. I don't care if it is. It's the best jewelry box I've ever had and it cost me 2 bucks at the Bass Pro Shop. Ah, how I love the Bass Pro Shop... I wish I were there right now.

Ugh. This really sucked. I told you it would. What a bunch of crap. I've got nothin' here. I quit. Later.