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February 3rd, 2004

11:11 am

How bout that Super Bowl? It started out as a total snooze fest then ended up being one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. Great game. The commercials were decent. Budweiser stole the show with the crotch biting dog and the donkey that dreamed of being a clydesdale. The farting horse was good too.

I watched the Super Bowl at my parents' Super Bowl party. Dad has a really bad ass 65 inch widescreen Hi Def TV. It's a very cool set up. This was the tv's first Super Bowl, so naturally it deserved a party. We had a good time. I got into the Wild Turkey so that made things even more fun. Did you know Wild Turkey is really good in Dr. Pepper? It is so tasty. I wish I had some now. Anyway, we had every kind of snack food imaginable at the party. It was a great party. The only downer was that Mom wouldn't let my dog come over and crash the party. I don't know why. He's an awesome dog. I wish I could take him everywhere. I need to figure out who to talk to about allowing my dog to go to work with me. That would be sweet. Work wouldn't suck near as much if everyone could bring their dogs.

Oh, I suppose I should comment on the Janet Jackson breast incident since it is such a major topic of conversation these days. I would like to thank Justin Timberlake for coining the phrase "wardrobe malfunction." That is pure comedy. Wardrobe malfunction my ass. Janet Jackson's breast had publicity stunt written all over it. I mean, come on. She has a new single out, a new album coming out in a few weeks and was even prepared with that festive little sun shaped nipple decoration. That was no ordinary nipple jewelry. That was strictly special occasion nipple jewelry. Why the hell would she wear something like that if she wasn't planning to show it off? The attempted cover-up is almost as funny as all the outrage and disgust that various tight-asses are spewing. Lighten up people. It was just a boob. Big damn deal. FYI, in case you were wondering, the breast received a thumbs up from the Boob Guy.

I helped Dad paint his living room last weekend. It was a big job. The room has a vaulted ceiling that goes from 7 feet on one side of the room up to 20 feet on the opposite wall. It's a bitch to paint. Dad and I had painted it before when Mom and Dad first bought the house. He swore he'd never paint it again. But after getting new furniture in the room, Dad finally realized that I was right all these years and that white is not a good color for such a cavernous room. He let me pick out a new color. I went with a darkish golden tan. It goes great with the stone around the fireplace and warms the room up. It compliments the furniture as well. Dad was pretty stressed out at first. As we started edging, he was afraid the color was too yellow and wouldn't look good. I wasn't worried. I knew it would look great once it was done. I really like it and Dad seems happy too. Hopefully, I'll never have to paint that room again.

Randy took me to a great little place for lunch last weekend. He swore to me that they had the best burritos in the world. He was right. That was a damn good burrito. I am now obsessed with burritos from Los Tacos. I can't wait to go back. It's all I can think about. Mmmmm... Burritos...