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January 31st, 2004

11:17 am

Today I read an article about Tony Randall being hospitalized for Pneumonia. The article mentioned that Randall and his wife have 2 kids, aged 4 and 6. Did I mention that Randall is 83? 83 and he's got 2 little kids. He became a father for the first time at 77. I checked around, and it turns out his wife is FIFTY years younger than he is. And to think I was once concerned that the 12 year age difference between Randy and me might seem creepy. Way to stay in the game, Tony . Glad to hear that "Little Felix" is still gettin'it done.

Here's a random observation - the sweater I'm wearing today makes my breasts look enormous.

For you gamblers, here are my Super Bowl picks
1. The Pats minus 7
2. Over 38
I am going against popular opinion with both picks. why? Because people are idiots and therefore popular opinion should never be trusted. More importantly, the Pats are a great team from a superior conference playing against a lucky team, on a hot streak, from a weak conference. This matchup reminds me of several recent Super Bowl matchups: Falcons/Broncos, Ravens/Giants, or 49ers/Chargers. All of those games were blowouts by good teams over longshots from a weak conference. Honestly, I love an underdog and would like to see the Panthers win, but I think they're overmatched against the Pats. The Pats have won 14 straight against a tough schedule (8 of those 14 wins were against teams with 10 or more wins this season). The Panthers only played 4 teams with winning records this year. Several of their wins were total greasers that were won in overtime or on fluke plays. I just really think this is going to be a romp by the Patriots. It should be a really boring game. On the bright side, Anheuser Busch purchased 5 minutes worth of commercial airtime; more than any other advertiser. Budweiser commercials are always the best so this should be a great year for commercials.

Gotta run. Have a nice day.