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January 28th, 2004

11:24 am

I have a new plan for AudresAudities.com. I'm going to try to do shorter, more frequent updates rather than big ass long ones. I don't like wasting hours on a big ass update and my readers don't like getting 3 or 4 updates a month. This new plan should help us all. I really think I've been trying to share too much information. It's time to simplify.

Yesterday while waiting at the bus stop, I noticed a car stopped at the traffic light with music blaring. (I know, that's nothing unusual. Keep your pants on. I'm getting to the weird part.) Now, keep in mind, it's quite cold out, so the windows were up. I was at a very busy intersection with lots of traffic noise. Yet over all the racket, and through rolled up car windows, I could clearly hear that this motorist was blaring bagpipe music on his car stereo. What? People listen to bagpipe music? That loud? Go figure.

So there you have it. My first short update. Yes, that truly sucked, but on the bright side - it only took me 10 minutes to write. Woo hoo! Later.