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January 27th, 2004

11:27 am

The AudreysAudities.com family has a new member. Last Saturday (1/17/04), Randy and I went to Petsmart to buy cat litter. The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter was doing an adoption fair so we stopped to get a quick peek and pet the animals. Randy saw this crazy looking spotted dog sitting in his cage looking very calm and dignified. Randy felt a connection to the dog. I liked him too, but we really weren't looking to get a dog, so we left the store to go have lunch. While pigging out at Golden Corral, our conversation kept coming back to the dog. We discussed the pros and cons of dog ownership and decided we were comfortable taking on the responsibility. We also decided that we would name him Horatio, after Horatio Hornblower. So, we finished eating and hurried back to Petsmart to see if he was still there.

When we got there, our dog was still there and had just thrown up in his cage. He looked so sad and scared. We had to get him out of there. We filled out the paperwork and took him with us through the store as we picked out some necessary items (and a few unnecessary ones just because we wanted to spoil him a bit. He loves the kick-ass dog bed we got for him). He was still very scared and nervous and he threw up 2 more times at the store. (My sincere apologies to the Petsmart guy who cleaned up after Horatio, both times. He was very cool about it.) We got him home and let him get familiar with the house and the yard. I had the cats shut up in a bedroom. Yeah, they were pissed, but it had to be done. Horatio needed some time to adjust and feel comfortable with his new surroundings.

He got over his upset stomach by Sunday morning and began eating. Everything was going great, so we decided to introduce Horatio to the cats. The cats took the new addition rather well. They were on the defensive, but they didn't get aggressive and Horatio didn't react to them. They still aren't great friends yet, but they all tolerate each other and can get along. Each day gets a little better. The hissing has stopped and the cats inch their way closer to Horatio. It won't be long before they're all sleeping in a big pile together.

Horatio is a great dog. He's very mellow and doesn't go nuts like many dogs. I quickly realized that he was already housebroken, which is great. He's very smart and will be a fast learner once I get into training him. He likes to go in the car and walks on a leash like a pro. Even off leash, he doesn't take off. He stays right with Randy or me. He's damn near a perfect dog. His only flaw seems to be lethal gas. Man this dog can cut some stinkers. He was blowing Randy and me out of the house. It got so bad Wednesday night that we loaded him up in and took him with us to Petsmart so we could buy him some gas medicine. It helps a little, but he still drops some bombs periodically. It just makes your eyes water. All that bitching I did about Dad farting in Boise seems kind of silly now. Dad's farts have a wonderfully pleasant bouquet when compared to Horatio. Hopefully the farting will get better once Horatio adjusts to his new diet.

Today, Randy and I took Horatio to the new dog park. Mom and Dad went too. It was really neat. There were dogs everywhere. Horatio seemed a little overwhelmed at first. He stayed close to Randy and me. But he soon became enamored with the smorgasbord of new asses to sniff and started having lots of fun. It was a regular ass-sniff-o-palooza in that dog park. At one point, Horatio was in the middle of a little ass sniffing conga line. He was sniffing a dogs ass, another one was sniffing his ass and they walked around in a big circle trying to keep up with one another. Crazy dogs. Horatio really seemed to have a blast. He eventually loosened up enough that he was chasing and playing with other dogs. He was running all over the place. It was fun to watch. It was great exercise too. He's totally worn out. He's been passed out all evening since we got him home. I can't wait to go back.

So that's about it. Horatio seems very happy and has bonded quickly to Randy and me. We were very lucky to end up with such a great dog. I really can't imagine how he ended up in a shelter, but I'm glad he did.