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December 3rd, 2003

01:49 pm

Well it's official. TU is going bowling. Woo Hoo!. They'll be playing Georgia Tech in the Humanitarian Bowl on the Smurf turf at Boise. I so want to go, but I'm still working out the finances. We'll see. Right now I'd say it's 50/50 that I'll make it.

I would've liked for TU to end up in the Ft. Worth Bowl. It's an easy drive and TU would get to beat the hell out of TCU. I hate TCU with the white hot intensity of a billion suns. I have hated them since they were briefly in the WAC with TU. The fans that came to Tulsa for football were the biggest assholes I have ever been around. Everyone associated with TCU that I have encountered has a hugely over-inflated ego. They seem to think that TCU is too good for most everything. They left the WAC for C-USA because the WAC was beneath them. Now they're trying to go to the Mountain West because C-USA isn't prestegious enough to have the honor of their conference membership. It's a joke. Their football team this season was so over-rated. They played NO ONE. Their schedule was ridiculously weak. Everyone talks about how week the WAC is, but I have no doubt that Boise, Fresno, Hawaii, Tulsa and maybe Nevada and La Tech could spank TCU this year. I'm so relieved that TCU got knocked back to earth by Southern Miss. Sure I'd like to see a little school crash the BCS party. But I want it to be a deserving team. TCU beat a bunch of cupcakes. BFD.

So, Boise State got the invite to smack TCU and I'm glad for them. They're a good team and deserve the attention that they'll get for pummeling TCU. It's nice for them to get a bowl away from home too. They've been to the Humanitarian on their home field 4 of the last 5 years. They've earned a raod trip. Plus TU gets a better bowl out of the deal. TU was going to be headed to the Silicon Valley Classic in San Jose without the move by the Ft. Worth Bowl. The Boise Bowl is much better. The local fans are very supportive and I know a good number of Boise fans will turn out to cheer for Tulsa. The bowl in San Jose would have been deserted and no fun at all. I really hope I can make the trip. I've always kind of wanted to see that blue turf in person for some reason.

Sorry, but I have to go back to TCU for a minute becaue I am really pissed off and I need to vent. Just when I thought I couldn't hate TCU any more, they go off and pull this crap with the GMAC Bowl. They declined their invite to the GMAC Bowl because "it conflicted with finals." That's Bullshit. If TCU was so concerned about academics, they wouldn't have played so many games this season on weeknights just to be on TV. They also wouldn't be trying to move to the Mountain West Conference. What kind of effect are all those long road trips west going to have on TCU's athletes? Being the only team in the central time zone will cause a lot more academic conflicts than one bowl game. And why wasn't it an issue last year when TCU played in the GMAC? And why didn't they bring this conflict to the bowl committee's attention sooner? They knew before the season even started when their finals were and that there was a possibility of getting into the GMAC. That move was just more TCU arrogance. Their BCS dreams got shattered and they didn't even end up winning their conference. The real reason for all the whining is that they're "too elite of a team" to lower themselves and take the GMAC Bowl. What a bunch of pricks. If I were the C-USA commisioner, I would have told TCU to take the GMAC or stay home. It is assinine that TCU was allowed to throw a tantrum to get its way. I just really really really hate those bastards. I think TCU might be my most hated team in college football, but it's a pretty close call.

Ahhhhh, I feel so much better now that I have that off my chest. I suppose now I should discuss Thanksgiving. It was pretty bitchin'. Randy and I decided that we were going to host Thanksgiving dinner for the family this year. It just seemed like a cool thing for Randy and I to start together. (I never thought I'd see the day when my lazy ass was hosting Thanksgiving.) So, Mom & Dad, my Aunt, Cousin, Cousin's roommate, Randy's parents, Stephanie and her boyfriend Scott, and 2 of my Grandmothers all came over. I had my little house full of guests. A friend of Randy's smoked a turkey for us. I made a ham and a potato cassarole while mom, my grandma and aunt all brought sides and desserts. The ham was a big hit. Dad said it tasted like ham. Wow! what praise! My grandma made the best dressing she has ever made. It was just incredible. I hope she remembers what she did. I don't think she can ever top that. Everything went well. We watched football, of course and we had a big fire going on the back porch in the outdoor fireplace. It was a lot of work but very cool having veryone over. I think we may have a new family tradition. It went so well, that it looks like I may get Christmas dinner too. Yay!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Randy and I spent the day together. We did some Christmas shopping at the mall then dropped into the movie theatre to see Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Awesome movie! It is based on the Aubrey/Mataurin series of novles by Patrick O'Brien. I am a bit of a fanatic of Brittish Naval historical fiction so I was thrilled to see this movie get made. I really enjoy the books, but there's nothing like seeing some great sea battles on the big screen. It's a good time for nautical fiction fans. Master and Commander hit the big screen and Horatio Hornblower returns to A&E 3 weeks later. The A&E movies take place about the same time as Master and Commander during the same war, but they are based on the books by C.S. Forrester. There have been 6 movies so far. The 7th debuted last night and the 8th comes on tonight. I really love these movies. They have strayed from the books considerably, but he changes are understandable considering they're taking the 11 books on in the form of a miniseries. I'm not too bothered by it and for the most part, they seem to stay faithful to the spirit of the books and maintain the integrity of the main character. What makes the Hornblower novels so enjoyable is the character and the type of hero he is. I don't mind if the movies rearrange things a bit as long as they stay true to the character. It's good entertainment, plus the guy that portrays Horatio Hornblower is just so incredibly sexy.

Well, I've rambled enough. Gotta go keep searching for cheap airfare to Boise. Donations are welcomed. Toodles...