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November 18th, 2003

01:42 pm

There is a guy in one of my fantasy football leagues who has a history of making numerous stupid trade offers. The guy doesn't quit. He has sent me 10 - 15 offers through the course of a work day and they're all moronic. And it's not just me. He does it to everyone in the league. The guy is on the computer all day screwing with this fantasy football crap. I can just see the guy sitting home at the computer in his underware with a beer and a bag of cheetos. He seriously needs a life. On more than one occasion I have explained to him that there is no way in Hell I will ever accept a trade from him and advised him to stop wasting my time. It worked for awhile, but today I got to work and found yet another offer in my email. He offered me Travis Henry for Daunte Culpepper. I won't bore you to death with why this offer is moronic. Just trust me, it is. So, in response, I left the following message on the league message board.

"Are you really that stupid? Daunte Culpepper for Travis Henry??? Where do you come up with these moronic trade offers? Henry has a broken leg and is inconsistent even when healthy, Culpepper gets me 40+ points every week - even this week when the bastard had 5 damn turnovers. I wouldn't give up ANY QB for Henry and certainly not my best one. QBs are too valuable in this crap league. That is one of the most ridiculous, stupid ass trade offers in the history of the free world. It's crap like this that makes everyone hate you. Now stop wasting my time. I won't accept ANY trades from you because I think you're a dick."

Too harsh? Probably, but oh well. The guy has been driving me nuts all season. I guess I snapped. At least it gave me something to write about. Oh yeah, and to add to the drama, I have to play the guy this week. He's tied for first at 9-2, but in second by the points tie breaker. I'm tied for second at 7-4, but in 5th on the points tiebreaker. Both of our teams have been hot lately and have won 5 in a row. Now would be a really good time to make it 6 in a row for me. I can't stand this guy.

Ok, that's all I've got today. Just had to share my rage. Later.