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November 10th, 2003

01:42 pm

When TU hired new head coach, Steve Kragthorpe after last season, I felt like it was a good move and things would finally start to turn arounf for TU football. But I had no idea things would get so much better so fast. Pre-season, I felt like TU had a legitimate shot at 4 wins. Randy was much more optimistic. He swore TU would have at least 7 wins and get to a bowl. I told him he was on crack and just didn't know because he hadn't been around TU football enough to know any better. I mean we're talking about a team that hasn't had a winning record since 1991 and that was 2 and 21 over the last 2 seasons. TU football was at an all time low. It could only get better, but I just thought Coach K needed more time. Turns out Randy was right.

The season started, TU dropped the first 2 to Minnesota and Arkansas - no shame there. Those were good losses and the team showed a lot of character and put up a good fight. Then they won the next 2 against putzes, Texas State (div. 1AA) and Arkansas State - no surprize. I tried to stay grounded after those wins because after all, those were lame opponents. But we won bigger than I expected and my internal struggle between hope and pessimism began to rage. Next up, TU had it's conference opener against Hawaii. I had this one picked as a loss. Hawaii is a good team and many picked them to win the conference. I just felt it was too soon for TU to compete with Hawaii, even though it was a home game for TU. Man was I wrong. TU dominated the second half and pulled off the upset victory. That was when I realized Randy was right. Coack Krag is a genious and this team had a good chance at a bowl.

TU is now 6-4 after a hard fought road victory against Rice this past Saturday. TU was down by four with about a minute left in the game when QB James Killian completed a short pass to Jermain Landrum. Landrum broke away from 2 defenders, tightroped down the sideline and dove from about the 5 yard line to avoid another defender. His entire body was out of bounds except for his hand and the ball which crossed the goaline just inside the pylon. It was sheer determination and individual effort by Landrum that led to that 31 yard game winning TD. It sounded like a great play on the radio (Yes, I went completely nuts screaming wildly and running through the house like a madwoman). Then I saw the highlights on the news and just couldn't believe it. What a play! That's TU football this year All heart. I love these guys.

It is so wierd. Usually by this time of football season, I'm just waiting for the merciful conclusion and looking ahead to basketball season. But this year, the worst TU can do is 6-6. The streak of losing seasons is over. And with games remaining against Louisiana Tech and San Jose State, TU should be able to get at least 1 more win - and it's not out of the question for them to win both. TU might even make a lame ass bowl. I am so damn excited. I can't wait to see what Coach Krag can do with this team the next year or 2. I know he will get snapped up by a bigger program soon. But until then, I'm just going to enjoy the ride. Go TU!