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September 12th, 2003

01:38 pm

I'm going to the fair tonight. WOO HOO!!! I love the fair. There's awesome food, useless crap to buy and toothless wierdos to look at. I can't wait.

I survived Randy's bachelor party. Nothing stupid happened and I did not have a nervous breakdown thinking about it all day Saturday. I tried to keep busy and not think about it. I went to a wedding Saturday night. My friend Teresa got married. Congrats to her and Greg. It was a nice wedding. I was a server at the reception. I got stuck trying to cut the grooms cake. It was impossible to cut without totally destroying it and making a big mess. I am not good at cutting and serving things anyway, but the way this cake was set up, I swear it was impossible to do a nice job. I totally butchered the cake. A few minutes into my cake cutting disaster, a woman came up and wanted a small piece. (They were all small, but ok.) So I cut one for her, but she wanted one with less icing. (Uh, scape it off...) So I cut her another one. Still too much icing. (The way I saw it, the cake seemed to be evenly iced all over. Every piece had a lot of icing.) So I cut her another one. Again, too much icing. So she took the knife and cake server away from me, pushed me aside and cut herself a piece. Then she told me to do something else because she was going to finish serving. (Uh, OK... I was asked to do this as an honorary thing, but you go ahead and take it upon yourself to steal my job.) What a rude little display that was. If anyone pulls that crap at my wedding, I will shift into hyper-bitch and kick some ass. But, I let it go, because there's no reason to make a scene and ruin the wedding. (I really wanted to kick her ass.) So I ended up serving punch and one of the other servers bowed out to go tend to her kid. I finished up, said my goodbyes and left with Mom and Dad.

We went to Mom and Dad's house to listen to the TU game on the radio. TU got killed again, 45-13, but still there were a lot of positive things that happened to give me hope for better days ahead. Now with the no-chance-in-hell-for-a-win portion of the schedule in the books, TU moves on to beatable opponents. TU has its first home game Saturday vs. Texas State, a division 1AA school. TU ought to win easily. If by some freakish coincidence they happen to lose, I will plummet into a see of depression, despair and lost hope that will be infinely worse than any TU induced depression that I have experienced before. TU really needs to win these next 2 games for the sake of my sanity.

So, I guess that's it. Nothing has been going on. Oh, I suppose I can do a little fantasy football report. My team totally kicked ass last week. I won big and I had the most points in the league (by 1, but still it was the most). I'm in first place, with one more point than the guy in second. I play second place week. I should kick his ass.

OK, that's all I've got. Hopefully "Nen the Intoxicated friend" will get intoxicated at the fair again and do something interesting tonight. I'll have the camera this year, so I won't miss any of the action. Later.