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September 4th, 2003

01:39 pm

The AudreysAudities Fantasy Football League is Full, the draft is done and the NFL season kicks off tonight. Woo hoo! The FFL league looks good. It's a good group of people and I think the league will be fun and competitive. If it turns out to be a success, I'll make it an annual event. My team, the Angry L'il Bastards, looks like a championship contender. The Bastards are all set to kick some ass. Their first victim is the Hog Nuts.

I had a strange Labor Day weekend. I was in a mood all weekend. I was pissed off and cranky but I didn't know why. There was absolutely no reason for it. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was some hormonal thing, who the hell knows. Knowing that I had no reason to be pissed off just made me more pissed off. It was frustrating. I felt bad for everyone that had to deal with me. I tried to cover it up, but I don't think I was very successful.

A wierd thing happened Saturday. I was driving and came up to an intersection where I had the green light. There was a woman standing on the curb waiting to cross the street. I saw her looking in my direction, but I had this uneasy feeling about the situation. I had my foot off the gas and hovering over the brake just in case. Sure enough as I got close, she suddenly jumped out in front of me. She didn't just walk in front of me. She leaned forward and had both hands on the ground like she was going to lay down. It was very deliberate. I stopped in plenty of time, she looked up at me, got up and got back on the curb. By that time, the light changed to yellow, so I sat through the red. She then crossed the street with traffic. It was so odd. I'm sure glad I noticed her and was driving defensively. What a nut.

Saturday night, we tried to have one last rooftop party on the parking garage overlooking the ballpark. Unfortunately, the weather was working against us. There was no rain at game time, but the stupid Redhawks didn't start the game because rain was coming. They just waited for it to rain instead of trying to get in a few innings. How lame. It didn't start raining until 40 minutes after game time. They could have gotten in 3 innings easily. Then it poured for awhile, then it let up around 8:30 which is when they called the game. Brilliant. The rain didn't dampen the festivities though. We moved the party down one level when the rain started so we'd have a roof over us. The Redhawks never played ball, but we stayed at the parking garage and drank beer until about 10. We had a good turn out, even with the crappy weather. It was as much fun as when there is a game to watch. It was cool.

I spent part of the time during the party in my truck listening to the TU game. That wasn't really a good idea. TU got spanked and I got pretty pissed off. I expected a loss against Minnesota, but I thought they'd hang better than 49-10. It was 35-0 at the half - oy! I was already struggling with my mood problem. The TU disaster just made me worse.

Next up for the Golden Hurricane is an ass-kicking from Arkansas. I have to go to a wedding Saturday night, so I won't be making the trip to Fayettville. It's probably for the best. The game and wedding both start at 6. Is it wrong to wear headphones at a wedding? I'm not in the wedding party. Still wrong? I guess so. Maybe I'll save 'em for the reception. Hey, people should not schedule weddings during football season - unless they are smart enough to plan the wedding on a weekend when all 3 state schools are off. Hee hee. I crack myself up. Don't worry Teresa, I'm not really going to bring headphones. I'm just being a smart ass.

Monday was the Redhawks last game of the season. They blew a 3 run lead and lost. Typical. After the game, the visiting Iowa Cubs started tossing stuff into the stands. A guy across the aissle from us got the second baseman's glove. I caught a used batting practice cap and dad caught a used game hat. The game hat is really cool. It has doodles on the underside of the bill. There's a not-so-smiley smiley face and a "K" (Perhaps the hat belonged to a pitcher?) There's also some writing that's bled badly from sweat. It was hard to read. Dad looked at it and thought it might be a name. He said "It looks like it starts E-U or maybe F-U." I snatched the hat for a look to confirm my suspicion. Sure enough, it sayd "FUCK YOU". Dad and I couldn't have been more thrilled. This is more than a cool game used hat. It is a cool game used hat WITH OBSCENITIES!!! Woo hoo. This is the coolest hat EVER. Dad was nice enough to let me keep the hat since it was my size. I gave him the batting practice hat because it was his size. I still don't think of it as my hat though. When I get tired of wearing it, I'll give it back to Dad. He was so sad about not getting the obscenity hat.

Randy is going to his bachelor party on Saturday. All of his buddies are meeting at a strip club. Then they're going to our house to watch the OU game. I'm not sure how I feel about this. There's something odd about my future husband going off to look at naked women. I'm not jealous and I'm not worried about cheating. I don't know how to describe my feelings on it. I guess I just don't get strip clubs. What's so great about going to look at naked chicks? I've never been to see male strippers and I have no desire to. It just seems sad and pathetic to me. I guess it bugs me because I feel like Randy is too good for a strip club. I suppose it's not a big deal though. I don't mind if Randy looks at the menu as long as he eats at home, if you know what I mean. Besides, his friends are looking forward to it so he's gotta go for them. That brings up another question - what's the deal with bachelor parties anyway? Bachelor parties aren't even for the groom. They're an excuse for the groom's friends to get drunk and look at naked chicks. It's just silly.

Hmmm, I think I'm out of topics for today. Guess I'll call it quits. Have a lovely day.