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August 26th, 2003

01:36 pm

Holy crap, I am getting so excited about football season. I can't believe college ball gets into full swing this weekend. TU opens on the road against Minnesota. I'm excited and optimistic about TU football this year. The new coaching staff seems to be doing everything right. I am confident that TU can win 4-5 games and I have a good feeling that they may surprise for a few more wins. Yes, that may not sound like much of a success, but it would be a major improvement for TU. I really think the program is headed in the right direction. Whatever happens, at least the team will be well dressed. They got new uniforms that are totally bitchin. I can't wait to get myself a replica jersey. If TU doesn't sell replica jerseys I will absolutely freak. I have never wanted a jersey so bad in my life.

Besides football, my brain is occupied with wedding business. The invitations are out and all the plans are set. I met with the florist last week and got everything picked out. This florist guy was cool. He knew his stuff and kept cracking me up. He made buying flowers so easy. When we were picking out flowers for the guys, the florist explained that his style was to go real small and conservative without any frilly crap. I told him that's what I wanted, especially since my fiance and some of the other guys had already been whining about wearing flowers. The florist said, "Tell Randy that your florist is a married, heterosexual male who is very conservative with flowers for men. That should put him a little at ease." I laughed my ass off. This guy might possibly be the world's coolest florist.

I went to another bridal shower this weekend. Randy's sister threw this one for me at her house. It was a nice party with excellent food. I can't believe she went to so much trouble for me. It was a really nice party. I got some more nice things, including a bad ass digital camera from my Grandparents. I was so surprised and thankful. It will make picture taking in Hawaii so fun and easy. It should make my website more interesting as well. I hope I can upgrade my computer enough to handle pictures. If anyone has an upgrade cd to go from Windows 95 to Windows 98, please hook me up. (Yes, my computer is that outdated. I suck.)

Nothing much else went on this weekend. I just goofed off and relaxed a little. It was nice to have some free time for a change. But sadly, it means I have nothing to talk about.

Oh, I guess I can bitch about my fantasy football league. I'm in an internet league with a guy Dad and I know from the ballyard. This guy is the league commissioner and set up the league with some lame ass rules, for instance, you have to start 2 quarterbacks. Well, there are 14 teams (4 too many) so the pickens are slim. I have Daunte Culpepper and Chad Pennington. I was looking good until Pennington went down, probably for the season. Now there's no one to pick up and the punk ass commissioner keeps vetoing my attempts to trade with a guy for Matt Hasselbeck. He claims it was an unfair trade. Never mind that the commissioner had a team for himself and for his "brother" and that he raped the "brother's" team of any good players in lopsided trades. Then the "brother" mystereously decided to drop out of the league. How convenient. If I can get myself a lopsided trade I should be able to get it through the league just like the commissioner did. The whole thing has me very cranky. It's a good thing there's no money in this league or I'd really be pissed.

This fantasy football frustration has me thinking of setting up my own league. It'd be at Yahoo sports. I know I don't have many readers, but if any of you would be interested in playing, let me know on my message board. There's not a lot of time left, so if I don't get enough interest for 10 teams I won't do it. Here's some incentive. The league winner will get a Mystery Prize. I don't know what it will be, but I'm sure I can round up some crap between now and the end of football season. You'd have to sign up for a free Yahoo account to play. It'd be an autopick draft, which I don't like but there's no time or convenient way to do a live draft. So act fast and drop me a line if you want a chance to win some crap. Tell your friends. I know I can get Dad and Randy to play, so there's 3 teams including me. How about it Whodini, Nen, Vet Girl, Mr. Vet Girl? Darin, I know you're still lurking around here some - you and your brother could each manage a team. All I'm looking for is 10 players who won't let their teams go dead. Come on, help me get a decent league going.

Well, gotta run. Have a good day.