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August 14th, 2003

01:37 pm

I can't believe how time has been flying by. I feel like I haven't had a spare moment in months. As the wedding gets close, there is just more and more stuff to do. I'm going nuts.

I had a bridal shower last Saturday. That was pretty cool. It was awkward because I don't like being the center of attention and I felt like I was having to perform or something. It was a little stressful, but I think I did OK without making any social blunders. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I gave it my best, but I'm really not very good at that kind of stuff. I couldn't believe how many people showed up. All of the gifts were awesome. I was excited to get all 8 place setting of the dishes that I had registered for. I've neer had my own dishes that I picked out. I've always just used Mom's hand-me-downs. Now I actually have an entire set of dishes with no missing pieces. I feel like such a grown up.

Oh, get this, I was late to my own bridal shower. How embarrassing is that? See, Randy and I are taking scuba lessons to get our PADI Open Water Diver Certification. We had our classroom session on the day of the shower. The instructor told me class would be over by 4 in the afternoon, so we scheduled the shower for 6. Well, Randy and I go through class, then take the written exam. We were both so focused on learning, that we were oblivious to time. After we finished the test and got our grades back (we both passed), we sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. Then Randy looked at his watch. He asked me what time I was supposed to be at the shower. I said 6 and he said "Well, it's 6 now." I thought he was totally bull-shitting me, because he pulls crap like that all the time. But sure enough, it was 6. I couldn't believe it. So we hauled ass home from the dive shop, I changed clothes real fast then Randy dropped me off at the shower. Fortunately, I wasn't too terribly late, but it was still pretty embarrassing. It was just a crazy day.

Then Sunday, Randy and I went to the pool for our closed water scuba class sessions. We spent about 5 hours in the pool and worked our asses off. It didn't seem like I was working hard at the time, but we were both totally exhausted afterwards. I think it was more of a mental fatigue than physical. There is a lot of stress as a new diver because breathing compressed air underwater is quite a different experience than breathing air normally. You are subjected to a lot of new information at once and taught numerous skills to deal with different situatuions that might occur on a dive. The toughest one for me was having to take my mask off underwater and put it back on. It's actually a pretty easy skill, but I have always been spooked by having water touch my eyes. When I first tried letting water into my mask, I was pretty tense. I found that I really had to focus on slowing my breathing and just relax. I had to remind myself that the air is still there so everything is cool. It'll take some practice to get comfortable with it, but I can do it and am able to deal with my anxiety so I'm pleased about that. I did really well on everything else - even the stuff that's supposed to be hard for newbies. I totally kicked ass at hovering, that is controlling my boyancy so that I float in the middle of the water (off the bottom of the pool, but without surfacing) just by adjusting lung volume while breathing. It just requires controlled breathing - inhale, too much and you float up, exhale too much and you sink like a rock. It's really a very cool ecercise. I never would have thought about having that kind of control just breathing.

Randy seems less sure about this diving business. He is still not quite at ease under water. He tends to let his anxiety get to him so that he thrashes around a bit instead of taking eerything smooth and slow. Things really are easier underwater if you just take it easy. I know he'll get more comfortable the more time we spend underwater. It's easier for me because I dove once before, many years ago with my dad. Yeah, it was a long time ago, but I still had a better idea about what to expect. I've also always been a fish in water. I swam a lot as a kid and was always a much better swimmer underwater than above. I stayed underwater a lot while growing up and therefore already had excellent control over keeping water out of my nose. I'm just more comfortable underwater than Randy because I've done it more. It'll come to him with experience. We're having another pool session with the instructor tonight and I expect that he will be a lot calmer because he now knows what to expect. He has been really hard on himself because he struggled a bit. But the thing is, he kept trying and he completed all the exercises successfully. That's all that matters. No one should expect themselves to do everything right when they're learning something new. I think he did great.

We'll complete our certification this weekend with 4 open water dives at Lake Tenkiller. We'll learn some more skills then have to pass a performance based test. I'm really looking forward to it. I am worried about visibility in Lake Tenkiller. My understanding is that you can see about 5 feet at best. That'll make things a bit scarier, I think. But, I'll just have to manage. I'm sure Randy and I will do fine. After getting our c-cards, Randy and I will be all set to go on some dives on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I can't wait to see all the fish and coral. It's going to kick ass. We'll be doing some boat dives with a tour company that leads small groups of divers. Even though we will be certified to dive on our own, Randy and I know that we inexperienced and will still have a lot to learn. It would be foolish for us to go out and think we're ready to just go off on our own and do a dive. Diving is a safe sport as long as you stick to dives within your skill level and abilities. We won't be doing anything stupid.

So that's all the major stuff that's been going on I guess. I've been consumed with wedding plans and learning to dive and the occasional baseball game. Oh and I also took Randy up to Tulsa and Oologah a couple of weeks ago to meet my Grandparents. We spent the day with my Grandparents in Oologah. Then we went back to Tulsa and had a nice dinner with my Grandma. It was a nice trip and went very well. I was nervous because my grandparents hadn't met Randy before. But I don't know why I was so nervous. What's not to love? He's a very likeable guy and I enjoyed showing him off all day.

So that brings me to some observations I've made lately. Not surprising, I've found several more things that piss me off. First, what's the deal with assholes who think their vehicle is so special that they must take up anywhere from 2-4 parking spaces? That is so unbelievably stupid, and if parking is limited, it's extremely rude. There's a jack off at work that parks his SUV in the back of the lot every day in 2 spaces. And what really kills me is that it's a hyundai. Since when were hyundai's so cool that they warrant multiple parking spaces? And what baffles me even more about this guy is that his SUV is always covered in filth like he takes it out 4 wheeling all the time. So, his truck is too precious to risk a door ding, but possible damage while 4 wheeling, such as flying rocks or overhanging tree limbs, is OK. That makes no sense to me.

And another thing I've had a problem with lately is the old meandering cell phone user. Have you ever noticed how people using cell phones in public often have trouble standing still? They meander around aimlessly completely oblivious to other foot traffic around them. I see it all the time at work. People who come in to conduct busines in the building stand out in the lobby talking on the phone to their loved ones about how they're being jacked around by the State. They clog the hallways and always seem to pause right in front of the ladies bathroom door. To all of these morons, I say "Hang up and get the hell out of my way!" Oy, people act so stupid sometimes.

And don't get me started on these annoying losers who build themselves a lame ass website and talk about their borintg little lives and bitch constantly about things that piss them off - oh, wait a minute... Uh, neer mind, that's really cool... Yeah, that's it.

I know there are other things that have pissed me off recently, but as usual, I forgot. It'll come back to me later. I gotta run. Have a lovely day!