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July 17th, 2003

01:17 pm

I'm getting really annoyed with AT&T Wireless. I canceled my GSM service after trying it out for a week. They said they were going to send me a return label so I could send the phone back. But it's a week later and no label. Now I have to make another phone call. You bastards. Don't make me add you to The List. I'm tired of making phone calls.

I was kinda lazy last weekend. Randy and I napped most of the day Saturday. It was nice to do nothing for a change. Saturday night, we went to Dad's rooftop party. Once again we had 30 or 40 peple on the parking garage roof to watch the Redhawks game. We had the game playing on the radio and, like last time, got a mention from the play by play guy. We waived and he waived back and then he said something about it being an inexpensive and ingenious way to watch the game. We were all flattered about being called ingenious, even though he also implied that we were cheap. But, stil it's fun to be talked about. Someone came up with the idea to have some bratwursts delivered to the radio guy. (I think that was Mom's idea, but I could be wrong because I wasn't arounf when it came up.) Anyway, Dad grilled up a few and Mom, Dad and I headed over to the ballpark to try and deliver them. We tried to crash our way into the press area with no luck. Then we found a guy we know who works for the Redhawks. His name is Ryan and he's the current microphone guy who does all the on-field promotions. He gladly delivered our brats to the radio guy. So we hurried back to the garage and got there just in time to hear the radio guy brag about us. He talked about us being season ticket holders and how cool it was that we sent him some brats. He also thanked us and said the brats were tasty. The whole thing was a blast. After delivering our package, Ryan came up and joined the party. He's a real good guy and I'm glad he was able to come enjoy some grub after he was nice enough to help us with our fun on the radio. Thanks, Ryan

The party was another huge success. We had a nice group of people and the food was great. The Whodinis brought some aerosol cheese. Damn that stuff is tasty. I'd like to say hooray to the guy that invented cheese in a can. There is nothing better than food that comes in an aerosol can. It had been so long since I'd had any cheese in a can. I enjoyed it so much, that I have now requested some aerosol cheese for my bridal shower. Stephanie seems to think that this is inappropriate. I don't understand why. I say if I like it, then it's appropriate. Why should I care if others turn their noses up at my cheese in a can? It's their loss. Aerosol cheese rocks!

Anyway... On Sunday, it was more laziness. Randy and I went out to lunch with my family. Then we went home to relax. Well, at least Randy got to relax. I ended up going to run some errands. Then I went home and made Randy some spaghetti and meatballs even though I didn't feel like it because he is really just so damn cute when he begs me to cook one of his favorite dishes. I just can't resist. So I cooked and he went out and mowed. And that was my weekend. Wow, that was spectacular.

I hope y'all watched the baseball All-Star game. It was a good one. I was pulling for the National League, but I could tell they were going to lose even when they had a decent lead. Dusty Baker got out managed. Mike Scoscia used his players much more effectively. He got most everyone in the but was also able to take advantage of matchups along the way. You could just sense early on that the A.L. had a better game plan. It was nice to see Hank Blailock hit the game winning home run. Last year, he was at the AAA All-Star game as an Oklahoma Redhawk. Now he's getting it done as a major league all-star. Good for him. Go Hawks!

I've kind of reached a crisis point with my diet. I caved during my weekend at Lake Murray. I gained some weight from it and started beating myself up a little. I was discouraged and blew it again at the rooftop party. I didn't do horrible, but I put down way too many crackers with canned cheese on them. Then Monday I went over my points allowance by 2 due to a miscalculation on my part. I'm getting weak. I've really had to fight to stay focused. Now I'm trying to get back on track. I did good yesterday and am feeling my motivation come back today. Weight Watchers is really very easy to do, but the mental aspect of it is challenging for me. I don't react well to minor setbacks. But I have lost 16 pounds, which is good. I just need to keep reminding myself of that. Hopefully I'll drop some more weight before my next weigh in. I need some good results to keep me motivated. I can do it if I don't screw up this weekend.

I guess that's it. I wanted to include some pictures, but I'm still waiting for Mom to send me some. Oh well. This is better than nothing. Have a great day.