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July 10th, 2003

01:19 pm

As I walked into my office building this morning, there were 2 women sitting out front talking. One of them had a little pill container thing that they were looking in. I heard the one with the pill box say, "The big white ones are for me. You can try the little yellow ones." I kept walking cause I didn't want them to know that I had heard anything. As I opened the front door, one of them was starting to talk about something she had tried. What the hell??? I think I may have just observed some illegal drug usage about to take place. I don't know. What I heard was kind of ambiguous. It could have been totally innocent, but the bits that I heard sure didn't sound good. Who the hell does crap like that on the front steps of a State office building? It was very strange.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I watched bits and pieces of the first Big Brother episode the other night while I was cooking dinner. (I was feeling the need to make fun of something.) It was stupid as hell and these people in the house are mega-idiots. The group is made up of brainless, pretty people who are completely full of themselves. Midway through the show, they showed clips of the housmembers discussing their first impressions of one another. When talking about another female in the house, a chick said "She's definitely got some fake boobilage." Boobilage??? That's not a word, but I sure to like the sound of it. It just makes me laugh. "Boobilage" - hee hee. Unfortunatley for CBS, the use of that word was the only slightly entertaining thing that happened during the entire hour. TV sure does suck now. If it weren't for ESPN, and Fox Sports Net, I wouldn't even need a TV anymore.

Oh yeah, here's something that happened yesterday that pissed me off. I was at the bus stop and some dude started asking me about bus routes. He was waiting for a different bus than I was but I'm familar with the route and told him the next one was due in 20 minutes. He then proceeded to piss and moan about how he had already been waiting forever. (Like I can fix that...) Then he asked some more crap about another route. So then the bus I'm waiting for pulls up and I get on. Then this jackoff starts asking the driver the same questions I already answered for him - and big surpise - he got the same answers I had just given him. This crap happens all the time and it really hacks me off. I don't mind helping people out, but if they aren't going to be satisfied with the accuracy of my information, then why bother asking me in the first place? This bonehead wasted my time twice - first by making me answer his questions, then by making me wait as he held up the bus to ask the driver the same questions. Stupid jerk. Read a damn bus schedule and stop bothering me.

Wow when I first started writing this update, I didn't think I had anything to talk about. And now look at it. Three paragraphs of total crap. I am so amazing. Well, it might be crap but maybe somebody will get a little entertainment from it. I'm outta here. I really need to pee. Later.