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July 8th, 2003

01:19 pm

I spent the 4th of July weekend with Randy and my parents at Lake Murray in Ardmore, OK. It was a fun weekend, but now I am worn out and sore as hell. I hope I can make it to the weekend and get some rest.

We headed out of town Thrusday around noon. We got to the lake, dropped the boat in the water and spent the afternoon swimming and fishing. The fishing was a little slow due to all the boat traffic and the heat so we didn't catch anything. After being on the lake all afternoon, we decided to hell with cooking and went to a Mexican place next door to the hotel. It was damn tasty. I really liked the cheese sauce. (Yes, I totally blew my diet over the weekend but I still lost a few pounds for the week. Woo hoo!)

Friday, I had my ass dragged out of bed at five in the morning so we could go fishing. We were the first boat on the lake. It was a while before we saw another boat and the water was very calm. It was nice watching the sunrise from the boat as we fished but again we were having no luck catching anything. Dad finally broke the shutout late in the morning when he caught a 2 pound small mouth bass while we were trolling around some points. After fishing all morning, we docked the boat and found a campground where we fired up the grill and cooked some lunch. We had chicken breasts and hot dogs. While we were cooking, Randy got a call from the dock saying that our boat had come untied and floated away. How embarrassing. We really need to learn to tie some boating knots. Perhaps I'll study that. Fortunately, the people at the fishing marina where we were renting a boat slip saw the boat and went out to rescue it before any damage was done.

After lunch, we went back out on the water and were joined by Stephanie who drove down for the day. Once again, we faced near disaster. We had been swimming for a while and had the boat anchored down. We decided to go for rides in the tube that we pull behind the boat. Dad got loaded in and we took off. But unfortunately, we forgot to pull up the anchor. Ooops. The rope broke from the force of the boat taking off and we lost 2 anchors that we had tied together, one for weight and one that grabbed hold in the bottom of the lake. Again, things could have been much worse. At least, the anchor rope didn't get tied up in the propellar. That would have really screwed things up. So we resumed tubing and swimming for a few more hours. Then we headed to the hotel and once again fired up the grill. We cooked steak on the tailgate of the truck right there in the parking lot. While Dad and Randy cooked, Stephanie and I went to Wal-Mart and bought another anchor and some rope and a few other little things. Then we ate and headed back to the water to watch fireworks.

We anchored the boat off the shore where the fireworks display was to be. We got there a couple of hours early for a god spot and ended up in a prime location. While we waited for the show to begin we did some swimming. Then Dad decided to throw some minnows in the water and see what happened. With all the boat traffic and noise, logic told us we'd never catch anything. But all of a sudden, the fish started biting. Dad caught 2 fish back to back. Then Randy tossed in a line and pulled in another one. it was so wierd. Of course, the minute I threw in a line, the fish quit biting so I was still facing the shutout. I was starting to get a little cranky. By this time I had lost several lures and still no fish. But I tried not to let my bad luck get to me. The fireworks finally got started and lasted forever. It was a good show. It went on so long I was kind of starting to get bored. But the big finale was worth the wait. I also enjoyed laughing at all the morons on other boats ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the fireworks. People really act silly over fireworks. After the show I turned around and was stunned to see all the boats crowded in behind us. I've never seen so many boats. It was interesting trying to navigate our way through all the traffic in the dark, but we nade it without incident.

Since Friday was such a long day, we decided to sleep in Saturday. We got up arounf 10 and had a big breakfast. Then we went into the State nature center located in Tucker Tower that overlooks Lake Murray. The Tower was originally built as a retreat for the governor but now it just has a bunch of nature stuff in it. You can climb to the top of the big castle looking structure and get a nice view of the lake. It's a lot of stair climbing but is fun to see once. After Tucker Tower, we got back on the lake and did our usual swimming, fishing and tubing. There were no mishaps and no fish. We went back to the hotel and grilled in the parking lot again. We cooked everything we had left, chicken, steak shrimp and some vegetables. We made some steak fajitas and crab fajitas. It was quite a spread and very tasty.

Sunday we got up early and checked out of the hotel. We hit the lake again with fishing being our main focus. Sunday definitely took its toll on me with minor injuries. It started Sunday morning. We pulled up to a little dock that we planned to fish from. We tied off and I got out of the boat to look around. All of a sudden, my left leg went crashing through a rotten board. I fell through the dock up to my hip with my right leg pinned under me. I looked down and saw my foot dangling over the water. It was a scary moment. I pulled myself out and backed away from the hole quick for fear that more of the dock would collapse. I got pretty lucky and my injuries could have been much worse. I have a nasty scrape and deep bruising on my thigh. The picture of my leg didn't come out too good, but you can kind of see the scape. [pictures omitted] That yellow crap is some anticeptic iodine cream that Randy found in the first aid kit and smeared all over me. The leg looks much worse now that the bruises have appeared. It is also swollen. My right knee sems to be ok, although it gave me quite a scare since I had just been through surgery 6 months ago. It was sore but seems to be ok. I'm going to evaluate it for another day or two then decide if I should have the Dr. check it out.

And I wasn't done injuring myself there. After all of that, I cut my thumb while working on my fishing line. Then I got smacked in the head by the boat windshield that flew up while I was riding in the bow. But at least all my pain and suffering was rewarded with a little fish. That's right, I avoided the weekend shutout and finally caught a little small mouth bass. He wasn't very big but at least I finally caught something. All I need is one catch to be happy. That's a nice looking little fish. [picture omitted] After the pic I gave him a little kiss and sent him back on his merry way to enjoy a happy fish life under water. It's weird. I like to fish, but I have a lot of guilt when I get them. I don't know if I could keep one to eat. This one was bleeding from his lip where the hook got him and I felt terrible. But it wasn't serious and I think he'll heal up ok. If we ever do keep them, I can't be around for the killing and cleaning. It's just too traumatic.

So that pretty much covers the weekend. Now I am just trying to get caught up on all the crap I should have been doing while I was gone. Randy got the yard mowed yesterday and I got half the laundry done after work. I also went to the store and picked up some necessities. I tried to go to the bank but got there 2 minutes after close. Guess I'll have to try again tonight. I really need some time off to recover from my time off. Actually, I need to win the lottery or something. Work just takes up too much of my time. I have better things to do.

Well, I'm tapped out for today. Have a good one.