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June 12th, 2003

01:13 pm

SIGH... Oh how I wish I was fishing right now... Yesterday, I went to the store and bought a fishing net. I also replaced the lure I lost and bought a few more new ones. I've decided that one can never have too many lures. Then I went home and spent an hour re-arranging my tackle box. Could I be more obsessed? I had a dream not so long ago that I caught a 20 pound fish. Now I am hell bent on making it a reality. But sadly, Randy informed me last night that I am really only rigged up to handle something in the 10 pound range and that I'll be mostly bringing in fish under 5 pounds. This is unsatisfactory. I must have a really big fish. Maybe I should master catching the little ones first, then I'll work my way up the scales a bit. Fishing is so damn cool!