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June 9th, 2003

01:14 pm

I had a bitchin' weekend! Saturday, I went to run some errands while Randy was at work. I got cat litter and a watch battery. (Ooh, the excitement!) Then, I went to the mall to buy some makeup that I've been out of for 2 weeks. But when I went in the door at Foley's I saw a really cute red dress that just spoke to me. I am in serious need of some dresses for work, so I tried it on. It looked so good on me that I couldn't pass it up. I don't have much trouble finding things I like, but finding things that I also look good in is a real challenge. I think I'm shaped funny or something. So, I bought the dress and some shoes instead of makeup. I'm glad I did, especially after the rave reviews I got from Randy on the dress. He was quite impressed. I'm so tan right now that I don't really need any makeup anyway.

Saturday evening, I mowed my yard. I did the front twice and got all fancy and did some diagonal cuts. It looks so cool. The fertilizer has done wonders. I'v'e got one of the best three lawns on the street now. I rule!

After mowing, I cleaned up and fixed myself some dinner. I threw some squash in a skillet with some salt, pepper and butter flavored cooking spray. It was so tasty and counted as ZERO points on Weight Watchers. I had my squash with a couple of catfish fillets for a very healthy and satisfying meal. I'm so excited about this Weight Watchers thing. I lost 3 pounds my first week and don't feel like I've had to sacrifice much. It's been cool because I'm having to try new things and I have a lot more variety in my meals. I even got to have pizza for dinner one night and did it while still staying within my point range. How cool is that! I'm feeling so good about my decision to try this. I'm very motivated by my early success and feel good about reaching my goal of 140 pounds.

After dinner, Dick stopped by and we had a nice visit. We listened to music and got caught up on things. Randy and Dick also got better acquainted which was very entertaining. It was a pretty cool evening.

Sunday we got up early and drove to Lake Murray in Ardmore, OK, with my parents. It was a good trip. We stayed at the lake all day. We found a nice spot to dock the boat and cooked some chicken breasts on the grill for lunch and we did lots of swimming and fishing. I had a real nice sized largemouth bass on the line. I had it out of the water and was trying to get it onto the dock and the damn thing got off the hook and got away. It was bigger than the fish I caught at Eufala, probably 2 and a half pounds. It got away before Mom and Dad saw it, but Randy was there so at least he can back up my story. I was so pissed at that fish. Then to top things off, right after losing that fish, I lost my favorite lure (it was my favorite because I had just caught a fish with it). I caught my hook in some underwater brush and broke the line trying to get it loose. GRRR. But in spite of my fishing mishaps, I had a great time fishing. At least I learned from the experience. Before I go out again, I will be buying a fishing net so I can grab those little bastards out of the water. Fishing kicks ass!!!

That's all I've got. Later!