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June 5th, 2003

01:15 pm

Where does all of my time go? I have a lot to catch up on.

The biggest thing going on with me now, besides the wedding of course, is that I have joined Weight Watchers. I have been out of control lately and been gaining weight fast. I can barely fit into my clothes and I am just generally unhappy about how I look and feel. I decided on Weight Watchers because it's a plan that can teach me how to eat the foods I like in a healthier way. I like how it trains you to make better decisions about eating. I can still have a Big Mac, but if I do I might be hungry and stuck on raw veggies the rest of the day. It seems to be a more permanent long term solution than other diet plans. I just started on Tuesday, June 3. I was a little apprehensive at first. I was afraid I'd be starving all the time. But I'm already figuring out how to get more food volume while still staying within my points range. I know this is something I can do and I'm getting excited about it. My starting weight is 178 lbs. I'll be updating my progress here because I think that I will be more likely to stick with it if I have an audience who's following my progress as well. Hope I don't bore you to death.

Randy and I have been out on the boat a lot. We took it to Lake Eufala for Memorial day weekend. The weather pretty much sucked, but we still managed to get some quality time on the boat and had a great time. We stayed with some friends, Tony and Dusty, in their lake house. We were also joined by Eddie and Tina. (Tony, Dusty and Eddie are all bus drivers.) It was a real fun group of people. Tony and Dusty's place is sweet. It has a huge covered porch that's great for parties and watching the rain. There are birds all over the place. And as an added bonus, they even have a boat dock, so we've got a place to park the boat. Woo hoo. While we were there, Eddie started teaching me about fishing. I've been fishing before but don't like to touch slimy stuff and wasn't overly impressed. Eddie showed us how to fish with lures while trolling on the boat. We caught a bunch of sand bass that were about 2 pounds each. I caught 2. It was a blast and I am now totally addicted to fishing.

I think Randy is happy about my new found obsession. He used to fish all the time but got burned out. Now that I'm getting into it, he's getting excited about it again. Since our weekend at Eufala, Randy bought me a new fishing pole. Then we went to the store together and picked out a bunch of lures. We spent 40 bucks on lures!!! Crazy, but damn fun! When Randy brought the fishing pole home, I couldn't wait to try it out. I tied a weight onto the line and went out in the yard to practice casting. I started out in the back yard, but we kept getting the line wrapped around utility wires. So I went out front and casted into the street. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts. Oh well, screw 'em. My fishing pole rocks! Randy even picked me out a TU blue one. He scored some major points for that.

This past weekend, we took the boat to Lake Thunderbird about an hour drive from the house and went fishing. It was the first fishing attempt with the new pole. I didn't catch anything, but I still loved it. Once, I thought I had something, but it turned out that I'd just been dragging the bottom of the lake and got snagged in some grass. D'oh! I need Eddie to go with us and show us where all the good spots are and teach me which lures work best for different conditions. I can't wait to go fishing again.

The Redhawks just left town. I must say I was glad to see them go. They suck at home. I don't know how a team can be 10 games over .500 on the road and have a losing record at home. I think they're about 10 games below .500 at home. It doesn't make any sense. On this last homestand, they lost 6 of 8. Just pathetic. If they'd win some games at home they'd have one of the best records in the league. Grrr. They're making me nuts.

Oh and speaking of nuts, Tuesday night at the game, there was this real annoying guy behind me. He was one of these real ultra-positive, Ned Flanders, rah rah types. He cheered or hollered encouragement on every play, all night long. Every time we made an out, he'd say, "Aw nuts! We'll get 'em next time boys." He was there by himself but kept making comments about the game all night long like he had a buddy with him. I think he was trying to join in our little group. We have a little pack of regulars who sit by us and they were all there along with occasional regulars, Stephanie, Randy and Eddie so there was a lot of bantering going on all night. Every now and then the Ned Flanders guy would comment about something we were saying. We totally ignored him. I guess we're kind of assholes sometimes. I don't mind people joining in on our discussions really, but this guy was pissing me off. He was shouting all night long right into my ear. That is not the best way to get on my good side. I'm not interested in rah rah crap. I go to too many games to spend my energy cheering every damn little routine play. I save my energy for good plays, run scoring and heckling umps and players. Now that I think about it, I think this guy has annoyed me on 2 or 3 other occasions and I have tried to ignore him. He probably thinks he 's a regular too and tries to join in because he always sees us there. I don't mind that the guy is a total nerd. If he'd just calm down and shut his pie hole some I wouldn't have a problem with him. The constant yelling is totally uncalled for.

It's been raining for days. I need to mow my yard so this crap needs to stop. My backyard is already close to a foot high. I never let my grass get that tall, but it just won't stop raining. Fortunately Randy mowed the front last week so he could fertilize. It needs cutting, but isn't horrible like the back. My front yard is looking sweet. We've been using some Scott's turfbuilder and it is really making the grass thick and green. Once I get the grass mowed and edged, I will have the best yard on the street. Bitchin!

OK, gotta go. That's all I can think of for now. Have a nice day.

Oh yeah, I'd like too offer a heartfelt congratulations to Rudeboy on his "Brown Letter Day." In sharing your wisdome on the art of taking a dump, you have made me appreciate that an 8 is a truly rare and special event. I hope you are able to enjoy your fond memories of it for years to come. Way to go!!! I am in awe of your dumping greatness.