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May 21st, 2003

01:00 pm

What's the deal with businesses that are closed on Mondays. Dad and I went to lunch together on Monday. Dad had a hard on for bar-b-q, so we headed to a place in the hood that he likes. When we got there, we discovered it was closed on Mondays. So we tried another place, also closed on Mondays. Finally we settled for our third choice of bar-b-q places in the area and finally got some lunch. I just don't understand this being closed on Mondays crap, especially when the place historically has a good lunch crowd. Why would a business owner just pass up that business? I suppose I'd want 2 days off in a row. I guess as a general rule Saturdays are better than Mondays. It just pisses me off. It's very inconvenient for me.

My weekend was groovy, as expected. On Saturday, Randy and I ran some errands in the morning. Then we went to the trim shop where Randy's friend Linda was working on upholstering more parts for the boat. She got all the major important parts done so we'll be ready to go this weekend. (Thanks, Linda!) All that's left are the back rests for the seats in the bow of the boat. Linda did the back and bow seats plus the engine cover this weekend. She does damn good work. Randy and I put all our newly covered parts in the boat on Sunday. It looks great! It's been really cool to watch the boat transform from an empty hull to a newly trimmed boat. When I first saw it, it had nothing but carpet and a steering wheel. Now all the side panels, seats and other stuff are back in it. It's so sweet. I can't wait to get to the lake.

Saturday night, we went to Dad's rooftop party on the parking garage overlooking the Redhawks game. It was a blast. We had a good crowd, maybe 40 people. We had the radio broadcast of the game playing at the party. During the game, the announcer started talking about the parking garage and how there were a bunch of people up there. We all started waving and yelling. Then the guy said "Well, I guess they're waving at us." Hell yes we were waving at him. It was exciting to get a little acknowledgment on the radio. I think the guy was just surprized that anyone was actually listening to his broadcast and it stunned him a little. Other than the brief moment of fame, the party was pretty normal. Stephanie brought me a big ass margarita, so I was pretty happy all night. Stephanie was pretty happy too and had a little fun with my boobs when we were taking pictures. She just couldn't resist after seeing Randy revert to his Boob Guy ways and enjoy a little squeeze. Apparnetly, my boobs have an unusual effect on people. I think Stephanie has been spending too much time with me and the Boob Guy. He's starting to rub off on her. I'm really starting to wonder about Stephanie. She gets nuttier by the day. Stephanie really needs a man. Someone, please help her! Also in the picture are Linda, the upholstery chick on the left and my Mom on the right. [pictures omitted]

Aah, and here are some pictures where I'm not being molested. What a relief. [pictures omitted] On the left are friends Jay, Eddie and Eddie's son in law, Brian with Randy. The pic on the right is me with my parents. I know there are more pictures from the party, but I guess Mom is holding out on me. She always hands the camera to me so I'll take pictures, but then I never get any of them. That hardly seems fair. I really need to get my own camera and a computer that will be powerful enough to handle my picture taking. I never have time to go to Mom and Dad's to get what I want. Oh how I wish I had some extra money laying around...

You know, I've never put pictures of my parents on here before because they think it's weird to be on the internet. Well, I guess it might be if anyone actually visited my site, but since nobody does there's nothing to worry about. Just deal with it. Y'all are cramping my style. I never have pictures to use because you're in them. Trust me, you'll be fine and you'll get used to it.

OK, so after the party, several of us went to Mom and Dad's to shoot pool. We played a few games and listened to some music. Then it broke up and Stephanie, Randy and I headed back to the house. On the way home, Randy begged me to make him some waffles, so I made waffles at 1 A.M. and he made some egg goop that was pretty tasty. Then he went to bed and left me and Stephanie to clean up the mess. Thanks, honey. Stephanie decided she didn't want to drive back to Norman so she crashed in my guest bedroom for the night. I was exhausted after our eventful evening and was glad to finally get to bed.

So I guess that was my weekend in a nutshell. Now, let me switch gears and discuss my recent adventures on the bus. There was this real annoying woman on the bus the other day. She kept saying "I put the F in Fun," and "If you ain't fun you're an un." She said it about 50 times and was pissed because no one else thought it was funny. Then she said "Don't you get it? An un, like unmarried. You can't be a nun because it's not fun and you'll be an un." Still, she got no response. I never did figure out who she was talking to. No one ever responded to it. Then she started talking about movies with a guy. She was talking really loud. I wanted to choke her. About a month ago I overheard this same woman talking on her cell phone. She was talking to some guy she'd met and was totally oblivious to the fact that this guy was blowing her off. She was saying "You're a hard man to track down. I always call you and you never call back. How come you never call?" His response was apparently something about being busy. (Take a hint, dumbass.) Then she kept saying "I'm the kind of person who sees what she wants and goes for it. I don't beat around the bush." Then she nagged him for 10 minutes about meeting for coffee and he apparently never committed to her. It ended with her saying, "OK, give me a call sometime" (Yeah, that's gonna happen.) What a patheticly desperate woman. She was practically begging. I don't remember her exact words but she also made it very clear that she would put out for coffee. Poor desperate slut. She guaranteed the guy he'd get some sex and he still didn't want anything to do with her. Someone really needs to clue her in to the fact that she is really, really annoying. Being a total slut isn't going to help her get married. The best thing she could do to increase her chances of marriage is lose the bleached out hair, several pounds of makeup and get herself a muzzle. She'd be a lot better off if she'd shut her pie hole.

Speaking of shutting one's pie hole, I think it's time to shut mine. I've been rambling for way too long. Randy and I are going to Lake Eufala this weekend to stay with some friends. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Later.