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May 9th, 2003

01:06 pm

I was on the bus yesterday during a massive storm. It was pouring down rain and there was some loud thunder. I was just chillin'- listening to some music and watching it rain - and all of a sudden the damn tonado sirens started blaring. Now I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I'm used to tornado sirens. But usually I'm at home during such things and can watch TV and know exactly where the danger is. I was a little nervous sitting on the bus wondering if there was a tornado about to run up my ass. Luckily, someone turned on a radio and I found out that I wasn't in the path of the tornado. It tore up a good chunk of South Oklahoma City and Moore (a suburb of OKC). I feel bad for the people that lost homes and business. This tornado followed almost the exact same path as the big one 4 years ago. Many people lost homes that had just been rebuilt after the last big storm. Man, that has to suck. Anyway, I realized that I need to figure out what I'm going to do if I'm on a bus during a tornado. I guess there's not much I can do but run for shelter in a nearby business. I do need to be more prepared and carry a radio during tornado season. I'd hate to be caught by surprise. Tornados are creepy, but a part of life in Oklahoma. I've been lucky and have never been near enough to even see one.

Ugh, I'm going to have to keep it short today. I'm feeling kind of shitty right now. I'll spare you the details. Have a great weekend!