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May 7th, 2003

01:07 pm

I had a totally bitchin' day yesterday. Randy had a personal day he had to use or lose so we took the day off together. I had to go to the eye doctor in the morning. After we took care of that we played the rest of the day. First, we took my grandmother out to lunch to a favorite Mexican place. Then we hit a couple of cell phone stores and picked out a new plan for Randy. After that business, the real fun began. We went on a major spending spree...

Randy and I have been discussing taking up SCUBA diving. I went once with my Dad and loved it and had told Randy about it. Then he noticed a dive shop on his bus route and had stopped several times to get advice and information. We found out that it's really not that expensive or troublesome to get certified and we thought it'd be a cool thing to be able to dive on our honeymoon. So yesterday we went to the dive shop and reached a decision - we're gonna go for it. We paid a deposit to reserve our spot in class and we bought the necessary snorkel gear. We'll rent the rest of the gear until we decide that we're going to dive enough to justify the expense. We're getting certified in August just before we take our honeymoon to Hawaii. That way, our training will still be fresh when we take some dive tours from Maui. It's going to be totally cool. I can't wait to hit the pool and lake this summer to play with my new snorkel gear. I've been snorkeling before and loved it. Randy is anxious to start practicing. Snorkeling is part of the certification class, so we can get a jump on things by practicing on our own before class. We've allso got our class materials, so we're going to study now so we can kick ass in August. I am so excited. Getting certified has always been on my list of things I'd like to do. It totally rocks thaat I now have someone to share it with. I'm getting a husband and a dive buddy. Sweet!

And as if all the diving stuff wasn't enough exciement for our day off, Randy and I also went to see the travel agent again. We finalized our honeymoon plans and booked our trip to Hawaii. We decided on 6 nights in Maui. We paid a little extra for an upgrade that gets us a free breakfast buffet every morning and an oceanview room. It was a good deal and we decided to go all out and enjoy ourselves. This will be our only honeymoon so we might as well do it right! I am so pumped. I wish September would hurry up and get here. Hopefully, the time will fly by. I'm not very good at waiting.

After our big spending spree, Randy and I went home intending to work on the lawn. But Mom and Dad called with a dinner invite so we headed over. Dad cooked steaks on the grill to go with Mom's Baked potatos, corn and garlic bread. It ws a lot of fun and the grub was tasty as usual.

That's it for now. Later!