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April 9th, 2003

12:57 pm

I am seething with rage at the Oklahoma Redhawks. Those bastards postponed last night's game just because of the cold. There was no rain, no snow and the field was dry. But according to the weasels in charge, 40 degrees and windy amounts to "incliment weather" and justifies cancellation of a game. What a bunch of wimps. Incliment weather my ass! It was perfectly fine out last night. I say throw on some extra layers, shut yer' pie hole and play ball. Like Tom Hanks said, "There's no crying in baseball!" Stupid jerks. I can't believe they called the game.

What really hacks me off is that I know weather had nothing to do with calling the game. That was just the excuse. The real reason has to do with money. The Hawks knew there'd only be about 200 die-hard fans that would show up, so rather than paying to staff the ballpark for so few people, they just shut it down. Someone figured out it'd cost less to have a double header today than to play the games as scheduled. So the loyal fan gets screwed just so some jack-off millionaire can save a buck or two. Greedy bastards. If I didn't like baseball so much I would've boycotted the Redhawks a thousand times by now. Every time I turn around they're doing something to piss me off.

So, instead of freezing my ass off at the Brick, I went home last night and had a nice evening with Randy. Nothing special. We just had some dinner (clam chowder and nachos) and goofed off on the internet. We had blast and the time just flew by.

Don't have much to say. I mostly just wanted to bitch about the Redhawks. Mission accomplished. Have a nice day!